How Long Do Tennis Strings Last?

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Tennis strings are very difficult to replace, so it is important to switch out your old ones for new ones. The average lifespan of a gut tennis string is about six months, but it depends on the player’s level and how much time they spend playing. 

If you are an intermediate player who plays twice a week, your strings will last about four months. If you’re a beginner who only plays once a week, your strings could last you up to 10 months.

Tennis strings are probably one of the most underappreciated components of the game. It is not uncommon for a string to last years on a racquet, and it is feasible for some strings to last decades on the same racquet. 

It is important always to change strings before they start to fray or lose their tension. Strings should be replaced at least once every five weeks; some professional players change their strings twice a week.

How many tennis strings are in a tennis racquet?

Most often, the answer is 16, but there are other variations. For example, you can find 18gauge string sets for those who want an extra tight string bed. The number of strings also varies depending on whether it is a composite or steel racquet because composite racquets have more strings to absorb shock.

What is the average lifespan of a tennis string?

It is estimated that your tennis string will last about four months. Achieving this rate of lifespan is dependent on the type of string, the way you string it, and the amount of tension applied to a new string. 

Tennis strings typically have a linear elasticity meaning they will snap when their stress threshold is exceeded. Specifically, new tennis strings have a linear elasticity which changes to a nonlinear elasticity after being worn in from use.

How often should I change my tennis strings?

Tennis strings lose their elasticity and break more quickly and easily with age. Regularly checking the condition of the strings and replacing them before they snap will help you get the most enjoyment out of your tennis racket. 

You should change your strings at least every six months, but ideally every three months. When changing them for the first time, be sure to clean your racket and wipe down all parts of it thoroughly.

Bottom line: 

The average lifespan of a tennis string is about 4-6 months, depending on the racket and racket style. Tennis strings start to lose tension and flexibility as they age, no matter what type of string. This means that the feel and performance of the string will decrease over time. As a result, many players will replace their strings after four or six months. Players who play less often may go as long as eight to twelve months before replacing their strings arises.

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