How Much Does 3D Projection Mapping Cost?

3D Projection Mapping

When marketing and entertainment professionals need to make an impact, they turn to 3D projection mapping. Projection mapping is currently at the cutting edge of modern visual technologies, making any object come to life by projecting on it whatever you desire. While 2D projection mapping can look impressive, 3D projection mapping will truly stun viewers as the visuals become indistinguishable from the objects on which they are projected on. 

As technology continues to advance and evolve with society, 3D projection mapping has become the tool of the marketing and entertainment industries to animate vivid forms of expression. But beyond this, organizations are using this state-of-the-art software and equipment to tell stories that bring people of diverse backgrounds together for inspiring moments.

The difference between 3D and 2D projections is quite simple. 2D mapping can be found at a movie theater where a flat image is projected onto a screen or other flat surface. 3D projection mapping requires much more consideration as you are customizing segments to be projected on surfaces of varying size and depth. For example, if you want to do 3D projection mapping on the Sydney Opera House you would need to consider the dimensions and position of each section of the roof and spend hours in programming to properly fit the animations to the canvas.

 So, how much does 3D projection mapping cost?  Well, the price is dependent on the complexity of your imagery and the size of your working canvas. Here are three things to consider when shopping for quotes for 3D projection mapping:

 3D Projection Mapping Cost Considerations

  1. Projection Surface

How big is your canvas? The larger your canvas the more projectors you need to maintain the highest quality projection. As you expand to cover a larger surface area the more equipment you may need to facilitate that space and more projectors means more money. So, first things first; know your canvas.

  1.           Location and event type

Many factors can change based on the location of the production. These factors include if it is outside since weather is a significant element to consider. Additional hardware, such as climate-control housing may be required to protect the equipment. If the set-up of the projection equipment requires additional licenses or permits, then that could incur additional fees. Anyone interested in hosting an event with projection mapping should do the appropriate research for permits in their jurisdiction.

3D Custom Content and Complexity

3D Custom Content and Complexity

  1.           3D Custom Content and Complexity

What content are you using? Do you want an artist to create custom content for your event or presentation? The time involved in custom content creation is a large factor in the cost. For simple ambient visuals the cost could be a lot less than something complex having to transform a building into a dinosaur.

Most companies that provide projection specialists, content creators, structural builders etc. usually include the cost of equipment rentals in their total cost.  However, it is always good to clarify that the hardware will be provided, and the cost is included in your quote. The cost of equipment can vary depending on projector resolution, brightness required, size of equipment and whether custom rigs need to be built to accommodate obstacles or work with other production rigging.

The process that goes into pricing out a 3D projection mapping production can vary exponentially.  Your best bet is to seek out companies and compare quotes.


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