How Much Does a Metal Building Cost? A Guide

How Much Does a Metal Building Cost? A Guide

Steel prices soared by over 200% during 2020 and 2021, but forecasters predict they’ll normalize soon. So, if you’re setting up new premises for your business or thinking of building an ADU or metal garage at home, you can start planning now.

Step one is finding out more about metal building cost considerations and what can affect the price of your metal structure.

Keep reading to discover the finer details involved.

Metal Building Cost Compared to Conventional Buildings

Wood buildings cost about $36 per square foot, but you can build a metal structure for as little as $6 per foot, depending on your circumstances.

Plus, wooden buildings take months to erect, whereas a metal building only takes a few weeks. That means you’ll save on labor costs too.

There are many other reasons to choose a metal building over a conventional one, such as sustainability and convenience. Find more information here about why you should choose a metal building.

Factors Affecting Building Costs

A commercial metal building can cost from $20,000 to well over $80,000 depending on the size you choose. Other factors impacting the building cost include insulation, electricity supply, plumbing, HVAC, and the number of windows and doors.

Smaller buildings cost less since there is less expense involved for labor and materials. Typically, you’ll pay less than $20,000 for a building under 40×60 feet.

If you need a large construction of 50×100 feet, you can expect to pay over $70,000 on the East Coast. On the West Coast, the price goes up to $90,000.

Cost isn’t the only thing to think about when deciding on building size. The size of your lot also determines how big a building you can put up.

Make sure you know all the local regulations regarding the placement of your building when deciding what size you’d like. Often, you need to leave a certain amount of space between your building and your neighbor’s land.

The presence of large trees, watercourses, and overhead power lines can also affect where you can build on the lot.

Taller metal buildings cost more, but a short structure won’t do for commercial use. Remember, it also costs much more to heat and cool a large building, so make sure you’re aware of your exact needs when you plan your metal building.

Extra Costs Involved in Building a Metal Structure

Like any building, there are a few extra things you’ll have to pay for apart from the building itself. Ground preparation costs money, and you’ll need to pour a concrete foundation for your building, too.

You will save on hiring an architect when you opt for a prefabricated metal building, though.

Beat the Budget Blues

Your budget is the major factor when considering metal building cost implications, but with so many different prefabricated buildings available you’re bound to find one to suit your requirements.

If you’re installing a metal structure for your business, you can expect considerable savings down the line, and a metal ADU can bring you extra income or enjoyment at home, too.

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