How much does it cost to get a Dominican passport?

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Dominica is fortunately one of the few world countries that anybody will want to move to or obtain citizenship because of many benefits and value that a Dominican passport provides.

Dominica is strategically located in the Caribbean and is a part of the Commonwealth of nations which has its own benefits in the EU and Asia.

Dominica is one of the best Caribbean countries and have a real immigration or passport offering program that is most beneficially, affordable and easy in process. The citizenship option is either by investment into real estate or a donation to the Dominica Economic Diversification Fund. Then the procedure normally takes three to four months, hassle free legally easy and close to nature.

Once you have been awe stricken by the natural beauty of Dominica, you just have to care for the budget and some other little things. Then once you have put up a plan and things are in order then it is time to contact an Authorized Agent of the Caribbean Economic Citizenship Program.

The citizenship can only be applied by an application process to the authorized agent only, as the direct application submission to Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU). The agent consults on the application and takes care of the legal matters and make recommendations. The agent then submits the complete application to CBIU and then wait for the correspondence from the CBIU officials.

Comprehensive Costs:

Government Fund

Commonwealth of Dominica have established a governmental fund to update and maintain the public infrastructure to facilitate the tourism and local population. Hospitals, schools, transport and other basic amenities are being funded under this support program. The passport aspirants if they opt for this option can make the following contribution to their future nation and can have the benefits that the Dominica Passport provides.

Single applicant – USD $100,000

Main applicant and spouse – USD $150,000

Main applicant, spouse, and up to 2 children – USD $175,000

Additional dependents – USD $25,000 each

Eligible siblings 18 to 25 – USD $50,000 each

Real estate Investment

The applicant donation/funding is the primary option for Dominican passport and citizenship. The other being the citizenship through real estate investment.

The benefits to real estate investments are multiple. Since it is a commercial investment into tourism and hotel industry, it can make pretty penny in the longer run.

The investment option is the better option if you are looking to benefit from your efforts in the longer run or are currently interested in hotel and tourism industry of the Caribbean which itself is a lucrative market to invest.

The following government application fees are due when applying to the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program under the real estate category:

Main applicant – USD $25,000

Spouse – USD $10,000

Family of up to 4 – USD $35,000

Family of up to 6 – USD $50,000

Family of 7 or more – USD $70,000

Additional dependents – USD $25,000 each

Eligible siblings 18 to 25 – USD $50,000 each

Additional costs:

To cover the costs associated with performing a deep background check, applicants for citizenship by investment in Dominica must pay the following due diligence fees:

Principal applicant – USD $7,500

Spouse – USD $7,500

Dependents 16+ years of age – USD $4,000 each

Dependents 12 to 16 – USD $2,000 each

Dependents under 12 years of age – Free

Final steps:

No interview, as Dominica immigration does not even require the interview and after the procedure is complete then the immigration requires notarized and signed Oath of Allegiance be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Labor.

Upon approval by the Prime Minister of Dominica, the client will be promptly issued a Certificate of Naturalization and will receive a Dominica passport within seven days.

Voting and Taxation rights are granted to Dominica immigrants equally as the residents enjoy them.

If you want to cancel your application process at any time, then the government refunds all the fund deposited prior to scrutiny.

This way if by any chance the government of Commonwealth of Dominica rejects your application, they refund you.

After your passport has arrived you can make any length and number of visits to Dominica.

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