How Shopify Is Beneficial to Small Business

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The business landscape is continuously evolving, which is no secret. You must adjust effectively and rapidly to maintain a competitive advantage. A robust online presence for your company is crucial in the current digital world, and Shopify is the ideal platform to assist you in creating that presence quickly and affordably.

Consider having a centralized platform to manage all aspects of your small business, from your online store and brand messaging to your inventory, delivery, and payments. Websites from Australian Shopify Plus Partner provide precisely that. Now the question here arises: Is Shopify perfect for SMEs?

This means being proactive about market research and keeping up with industry trends, advises Francois Xavier Morency, a business developer with international business management experience.  

Is Shopify Good For Small Business Owners?

Shopify offers a simple and quick way to launch your business. It’s also very cost-effective as you can use existing templates and tools to create your online store. You only need to keep in mind to hire Shopify experts with experience in developing robust and reliable e-commerce solutions.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, company owners had to change course and transfer their businesses online quickly. Being inadequate for such a transformation, this was challenging for numerous brick-and-mortar businesses. To make the shift as seamless as possible, Shopify was waiting and ready to assist.

You may save a ton of time and trouble if you have a single platform for all of your business needs. For all sizes of e-commerce companies, Shopify is now the best platform. The decision to change, however, is not just driven by market share. Let’s explore why Shopify is the ideal platform for small businesses and how it can enhance your online presence.

Reasons Why Shopify is Good For SMEs

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider Shopify as the tool to get a jump start on your E-commerce business.


Your website must function flawlessly, be safe to use, and be reliable. The reliable and secure Shopify platform powers more than 1 million online stores. Additionally, Shopify is PCI certified, demonstrating that it complies with the most stringent security requirements for online transactions. Businesses handling sensitive client data can rest easy knowing all transactions are secure, regardless of whether consumers use cryptocurrency or conventional monetary systems to pay for their purchases. If you need assistance with anything, the site also provides 24/7 support. Shopify’s staff is there to help you whenever you have a query regarding your account or require technical support.

Scales your business

Shopify can expand with you as your company grows. The platform is built to scale, allowing you to add more features, staff members, and goods as you see fit. For companies of all sizes, it is a fantastic alternative. You may give your clients a variety of entrenched finance alternatives with Shopify. You can take payments via PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and other services related to credit and debit cards. To allow customers to pay for their orders via text messages, Shopify also lets you install a text-to-pay function. Thanks to this flexibility, your company can take payments from all over the world.

The vast range of features

Even with the “Basic” version of Shopify, many tools still enable you to add and control products, inventory, shipping, and more – all the things that are required for most online companies when they first start. As long as you meet the requirements for Shopify payments, Shopify also provides you with all the resources you have to recognize electronic payments, which is essentially the most crucial aspect of any business. Additionally, Shopify offers affordable prices for payment processing and fraud and PCI compliance. Because of Shopify’s close integration with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Shopping, you can easily access marketing on some important technological names.

Easy to use

Shopify is highly user-friendly, which is one of its most prominent features. You don’t need any technical expertise or coding skills to build a stunning online business. As little complexity as possible is built into the platform. For maybe you and your consumers, it promotes a seamless and practical user experience. Happy clients are more likely to make subsequent purchases and return to your business. Thanks to Shopify’s ongoing platform updates with the newest features and design trends, your online store will always be up-to-date and have the best appearance.

Mobile Friendly

A responsive website is essential in the modern world. You must ensure your site works properly on all screen resolutions because mobile devices account for over 80% of all online traffic. The themes from Shopify, fortunately, are adaptable and look amazing on all devices. You may disregard the requirements of several potential customers if your company doesn’t consider mobile devices when designing your user experience.


Shopify has different pricing plans to suit every budget. You can start using Shopify for free with their 14-day trial or choose from one of their monthly plans that start at just $29.

Plus, there are no hidden fees or long-term contracts.

Plenty of add-ons and apps are available to help you sell more products and reach more customers. Some of these add-ons come with a small monthly fee, but many are free.

This affordable platform gives you everything you need to run your business online without compromising on cash flow and breaking the bank.SEO friendly

SEO Integrations

Shopify is made to assist in improving the search engine rankings of your website. Several built-in SEO tools and capabilities are available on the platform, which uses clean, search engine-friendly code. For a business to be found online and attract organic traffic, SEO is crucial, and Shopify stores can benefit from the most common SEO strategies. To assist your website get more visibility in search engines, you can understand Shopify-specific SEO.

Third-party integrations

Popular websites like Google Analytics, WordPress, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among others, are integrated within the Shopify platform. In addition, the Shopify App Store offers various apps that may be used to automate and streamline business operations. In terms of integration, this establishes it as a top e-commerce platform. The likelihood is that Shopify can connect with any third-party media or applications you use.


Small businesses can prosper on Shopify’s excellent platform. It will support you in expanding your internet business and is dependable, inexpensive, mobile-friendly, and feature-rich. It unlocks enormous possibilities for enhancing your brand reputation, fostering client loyalty, and boosting sales whether you link a Shopify store with your current business website or establish a standalone store when you hire dedicated developers.

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