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Microsoft Office is an important and most commonly used software for editing, sharing, and generating documents. It is completely irreplaceable, and it is essential for many people for their daily activities. User must buy a license then use Microsoft Office. Purchasing a license for Microsoft office is very expensive for some people. But users can activate it without buying the license. It is now a leading platform that manages productivity at the workplace or in the homes. It makes many of our computer-based tasks easier.

How to Install MS Office on MAC?

  1. It is necessary to install the office first then activate it. If a user has not already installed Microsoft Office, install it by following simple steps:
  2. sign in using the Microsoft account that is an affiliate with Office. If a user gets Microsoft Office from school or boss, one must use that information accounts for sign-in.
  3. Then tap on “Install” if there is no option and then sign in with a business account. Firstly, tap on “buy an office” at the top-right side if a user has not already bought it. For purchasing, follow the steps that appear on the screen.
  4. Go to the downloads folder and double tap on the Microsoft Office-Installer. pkg. If the user face error in the opening, it occurs because of an unknown developer. Single-click the file and drag it to the desktop and wait for few seconds. Then double-tap on it and open it.
  5. Tap on “continue,” and for installation, follow the instructions that appeared on the screen when it completes closing the file.

How to Activate Office on MAC?

  • Go to any Microsoft Office application for Office activation like Microsoft Office, Excel, and PowerPoint or from any other required app. A user can find these apps in the Microsoft Office folder of the start menu. A person can use any one app to activate microsoft office for mac student.
  • Activate Office using MS Word. Go to word and open it, select the Applications folder, tap on it, then go to the “Microsoft Office” section and double tap on “Microsoft Word.”
  • Then the option of “What’s New” appeared on the screen. Click on it and start the further process. If this option does not appear on the screen, skip it.
  • After this “sign In to Activate” option appears on the screen, click on it. If the user did not see the option, don’t worry; go to the File menu, click on “New” from templates, then click on sign in to activate it.
  • Its necessary to use the same email account that a user uses when buying the Office. Enter that email address in the block that appears on the screen and tap “Next.”
  • Be sure when entering the password because Microsoft will verify the purchase and activate the Microsoft Office in MAC at this step. When a password is entered, click on “Sign In.”
  • If a user uses another account for the activation, it fails because it is not related to a valid Office subscription.
  • When the activation is completed, click on it and start using Microsoft Office in the MAC.
  • The whole installation and activation process will take some time, depending upon the device’s version and internet connection. A user can activate Office in the MAC using any other MS Office app following the same steps.

How to Use MS Office in MAC?

  • Click on the Image named, which is the taskbar present at the screen’s bottom.
  • Click the option “All Apps.” A list of applications will appear on the screen.
  • Move down and click on “Microsoft Office.” The list of installed applications of MS Office will expand. A general Office installation includes the following apps:
  1. Word
  2. Excel
  3. PowerPoint
  4. Access
  5. Outlook
  6. Publisher
  7. OneNote
  8. Skype
  9. OneDrive
  • Click on any of this app. A document of the selected app will open.
  • It is used to edit files. A user can open an existing save file or can create a new one.
  • Tap on the option “Other Files” present on the left to open existing files.


MS Office is the most famous offline software in the world. MS office is used to create a spreadsheet, macros, pivot tables, and tables. Also for analysis, visualization, and validating of data furthermore for creating documents. It is important to install Office first, then activate the MS Office on MAC using its apps by following the above easy and simple steps. Then use it for the tasks and reduce the burden and tensions.

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