How to add multiple pictures to an Instagram story

Advantages of Instagram Stories

Instagram and our Social Life:

Social Media has completely changed our life and living. People who used to remain in their rooms and were socially awkward have got a chance to come out and became socially active. One of the most important and widely used social media applications is Instagram.

Instagram has gained massive attention in the past few years due to its services and effective server system. Instagram has dramatically changed the social life of very beings. Instagram has become the most popular social media application in the past five years. The celebrities and political personalities have made their accounts on Instagram and actively use them.

Many people are using Instagram services to give their accounts a little boost as posting pictures to an Instagram Story every day can be very time-consuming. You can buy Instagram likes cheap from these websites, and receive them instantly!

Instagram Stories and IGTV:

There was a time when people used social media to post their pictures and write blogs to express their views and opinions. But with modernity, various applications were launched to upload your stories that show people your current status and situation. You can upload both pictures and videos. So Instagram also decided to add this feature to their app.

Thus Instagram added a story feature in their application. People widely use this feature and tell followers their current state. While you are in a restaurant, the Instagram story should be your first task to do. Not only fashion icons but also international players of different games are heavily addicted to Instagram stories. Instagram Stories are also used for business purposes.

Duration and Size of Instagram Stories:

The duration of the Instagram story should be less than 15 seconds. You cannot upload any video with a duration greater than 15 seconds. And the size of your story should be 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels in height. Instagram Stories only remain for 24 hours on your wall. After that, they automatically vanish from your wall.

How to Add a Single Picture or Video to Story:

Advantages of Instagram Stories

Almost 70% of Instagram users regularly add stories to their wall. According to Instagram, almost 250 million people upload stories daily. If you are willing to add a picture or a video to your wall, you can easily do so just by following a few steps listed below:

  • Open the Instagram application.
  • You can open the stories option in two different ways. The first is by tapping the plus button on the top left corner of your feed. The second is simply by swiping the feed to the left.
  • Suppose you want to click snap press the circle button in the center of your screen. If you are willing to shoot a video, long-press that circular button.
  • If you don’t want to use a camera and instead upload snap from your gallery, swipe up the screen, and you will reach your gallery. You can also click on the gallery icon instead of swiping up the screen. So select the picture you want to upload.
  • Then you will reach the next phase, which is the editing phase. Instagram also provides you feature to edit your picture and apply various filters to your picture or video.
  • Now tap “Done.”
  • You also get an option to share your story with someone’s dm.

How to Add Multiple pictures to the Instagram story:

If you are willing to add multiple pictures in your story, the process is quite simple and familiar to the above one.

  • Open Instagram.
  • Click on the plus sign on the top left corner or swipe your feed to the left.
  • When you select a picture, tap “Multiple Pictures.” Its icon is two overlapping squares. Tap on it and select as many pictures as you want to upload.
  • Now tap “Done.”

Advantages of Instagram Stories:

There are a lot of benefits associated with Instagram Stories. Some of these are listed below:

  • You can stay in touch with your near and dear ones by watching their stories regularly.
  • You can analyze the taste and likings of your beloved by watching his stories.
  • Instagram Stories are significant for virtual stores. You can elevate your virtual business by adding and boosting stories.
  • It shows a better quality virtual store. Your customers develop more interest in your products.
  • If you are a celebrity, you can show all yours fans your lifestyle and habits using Instagram Stories. These are very important if you want to stay in touch with your fans.

Bottom lines:

Instagram Stories have developed a massive fan following in a short interval of time. People have made this thing mandatory in their lives. Celebrities regularly upload stories to stay in touch with their fans. People watch stories to see activities of their near and dear ones. Many users are taking help from Instagram growth services where you can get high-quality views, likes, and followers for only $1.

If you also want to upload stories follow the steps mentioned earlier and become a part of this addictive but compelling Instagram feature.

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