How to Be More Sustainable at Work

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It’s a good time to be sustainable.

In recent years, sustainable business practices have been on the rise. More companies are paying attention to what they can do better for their environment.

But while sustainability is vital in every aspect of life, it’s especially crucial in an office setting. With so many people coming together in one place daily, you’ve got a lot of opportunities to create a sustainable workplace.

Read below for some simple ideas for sustainability in the workplace.

Keep It Natural With Plants

One of the easiest ways of implementing sustainability in the workplace is to bring nature into your office. A few plants in each room will help oxygenate the air and give it a fresh smell. That’ll be sure to keep everyone happy throughout the day.

Don’t worry about buying expensive plants. Sustainable greenery is available at your local nursery or garden center. Plus, you can even grow some of it yourself.

If the weather is nice enough outside, never be afraid to bring in a few outdoor plants and put them on your windowsill. They’ll brighten up your office when they’re blooming beautifully. And this will give everyone around something pretty to look at.

You might also consider getting an indoor tree. But make sure that the pot isn’t too large for whatever space you have. Otherwise, this could lead to accidents with things falling over.

If there are no trees nearby where you live, don’t fret. Sustainable succulents like cacti are easy to find. And they’re very sustainable too since you don’t need to water them often.

You see, many sustainable succulents can filter out harmful toxins in the air like formaldehyde and benzene. This way, they’ll improve everyone’s mood by creating a more comfortable working space that smells fresh, too.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Paper

With the rise of sustainable digital printing, there’s no reason to print anything out.

For example, if you don’t need physical copies of your documents anymore, go green and use cloud-based software instead. This will save money on ink cartridges for your printer and paper costs.

Plus, it’ll reduce how much space all that paperwork takes up in the first place. Everything is kept online now rather than crammed into filing cabinets or storage rooms.

And you can always opt for sustainable paper that’s made from recycled materials. Not only is this better for the planet, but it’ll also help reduce your office waste.

Another option to reduce what you print out each day is to follow the “two pages per side” rule of thumb. You’ll save on printer ink and paper this way.

Cloud storage and sustainable paper can make a big difference in your office’s carbon footprint. Plus, it doesn’t cost you anything extra to use them.

So don’t be afraid to go green with sustainable digital printing and eliminate the need for paper.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Keeping sustainable products in your office will make everyone happier.

You don’t want to use harsh chemicals that will negatively affect the air quality and leave people feeling sick. So steer clear of chemical-based cleaners at work. They’re just not sustainable for the environment.

Instead, opt for eco-friendly options like vinegar solutions or baking soda paste. These natural ingredients can clean almost anything without leaving a harmful residue.

Plus, they smell better than regular chemical cleaning supplies. You won’t have any toxic smells lingering around your office.

You might even try sustainable cleaning wipes for your surfaces and windowsills. These products are made from renewable resources like bamboo, water, and alcohol. And you can use them to clean up spills quickly without leaving behind a scent or residue.

Keep It Organized

Having sustainable office supplies is great. But you still need to make sure everything stays organized.

For example, if your filing cabinets are overflowing or not properly labeled, this could do more harm than good for the environment.

Why? Because it’s harder to find things when they’re scattered around in different drawers and boxes. They should be kept together neatly on shelves that are clearly labeled with their contents.

Decluttering is a sustainable office task that everyone should perform. This way, you can find everything you need without wasting time or resources. Plus, it’ll make the office space look much cleaner.

So don’t let things pile up in your desk drawers and filing cabinets — get organized.

Make Use of Natural Sunlight

If you have windows in your office, take advantage of sustainable natural sunlight whenever possible.

For example, if the sun is shining into a room, turn off lights to save energy. You’ll also save money on the electric bills each month.

And you might even consider sustainable window blinds that can filter out harmful UV rays but still let in natural light. This way, it won’t be too dark inside during the day.

It’s sustainable office advice that everyone should take. So don’t let the sun go to waste — keep those windows open as much as possible.

Recycle Office Waste

Recycling is an essential part of sustainability in the workplace.

You’ll reduce the amount of garbage you send to landfills each month, which protects the environment. But it also saves money on trash collection fees.

And recycling doesn’t have to take much extra effort — just make sure there are appropriate recycling bins for your office.

If not, you could create your own sustainability system by recycling boxes and filling them with different materials like paper, plastic, glass, or metal cans. Then label each box accordingly so everyone knows which one to use for what.

Make it easy on yourself and others in the office. That way, sustainability tasks don’t become a hassle or inconvenience instead of a helpful habit.

Implement Sustainable Workplace Solutions

Sustainability is good for the environment. But it’s also beneficial to your own health and well-being.

So make sustainability a priority around work — whether that means using green cleaning products, keeping organized, or recycling office waste. You’ll be happier because of it.

We hope this blog post will help you create a sustainable workplace. For more informative tips, read our next blog.

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