How to Beat a Drug Possession Charge

How to Beat a Drug Possession Charge

Many people each year end up with a felony drug charge. The substances are most likely found in someone’s car or on their person.

Sometimes you may have drugs on your person for recreational or medicinal use. But, in the eyes of some states, you’re still in possession of an illegal substance.

No one wants to have a drug charge on their record. It can cost you employment opportunities in the future. So what can you do?

All hope isn’t lost. You can fight the case. Continue reading to learn how to beat a drug possession charge.

Know Your Rights

The Fourth Amendment protects law enforcement from illegally searching your home or your car without a valid reason. To do so legally, they’ll either need your consent or a search warrant stating their reasons to look through your property.

So if they find drugs in your possession but searched illegally, they couldn’t book you for a felony drug charge. Even if they did, the court would have to dismiss the evidence.

No Possession of Drugs

If you’re with multiple people and happen to get a marijuana drug charge, you can deny possession of the drugs. The cops have no idea who the drugs belong to, and they’ll need to prove that to a judge.

So say the drugs weren’t yours or deny any knowledge that drugs were even present.

Is the Substance Illegal?

Let’s say you’re arrested for a substance the resembles cocaine, and you’re slapped with a cocaine drug charge. Although the arresting officer may think it’s a drug at the time, lab results might be in your favor.

The drugs that a person may get arrested for have to get tested by crime labs to prove it’s an illegal substance. The lab analyst must also testify at the trial to give the results. If the substance weren’t illegal, the case would likely get dismissed.

Violation of Your Miranda Rights

When cops arrest you, they need to read you your Miranda Rights. It’s a statement officers have to tell you which links to the Fifth Amendment. It protects you from incriminating yourself before you go to court.

However, if you get arrested for drug possession, and the cops don’t read you your Miranda Rights, any incriminating evidence you give can be tossed out.


Entrapment is when a law enforcement officer pressures someone into committing a crime that they wouldn’t usually commit. Also, if a police informant pressured you into committing a crime, that’s classified as entrapment too.

If you feel that you got a drug charge due to entrapment, hire a lawyer for drug possession. They can tell how to beat a drug possession charge with ease.

Now You Know How To Beat a Drug Possession Charge

Getting arrested for drug possession can disrupt potential plans you had in your life. But with the tips above, you’ve learned how to beat a drug possession charge.

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