How to Begin and Structure a 2500-word Essay?

As a rule, essays are small assignments, with their length rarely exceeding 3-5 pages. However, your professor may sometimes decide to give students a longer assignment, which is much harder to complete. Writing an extended assignment typically takes much more time and effort, so you might feel that you require professional assignment writing help. Here is a definitive guide to long essay structuring prepared by writing experts from GradeMiners.

Which Part Should Be the First?

The first thing you need to determine is your structure and content included in each component. As with any other writing assignment, a 2,500-word ChatGPT essay should include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introductory part sets the context for your paper and introduces the core purpose and thesis statement. The body of your paper examines specific ideas and supports them with arguments. The final part, conclusion, is focused on the summary of what has been learned and broader inferences about the study’s significance.

Thus, when you approach a writing assignment and start working on it, you must clarify which part should come first. Many students begin with the introduction to get a clear roadmap for further work on the assignment, but experts of the best essay writing service advise starting with the body of your paper. If you do this way, you will follow the lead of your arguments, first composing the main content of your assignment and then tailoring the introduction to the main content already have. Starting with the introduction may force you to either drop some solid arguments in the process of writing the body of your paper or rewriting the introduction several times when the initially intended content changes.

How Many Words to Allocate to Each Part?

Now it’s time to divide the word count between all significant parts of the 2500-word essay. Some students face dreadful grade reductions if they make some components too large or too short, thus failing to observe the standard academic proportions for this type of writing assignment.

Let’s refer to what the pros of the best writing services recommended in this regard. They say that the introduction and conclusion of an essay should not exceed 5-10% of the paper’s word count overall. This means that the body of your paper should constitute 80-90% of the total word count. In our case, when the total word count constitutes 2,500 words, it’s appropriate to include up to 250 words in your introduction and conclusion parts, leaving a minimum of 2,000 words for the main body of your assignment.

Some Additional Considerations

Now let’s cover the basics of quick and hassle-free academic writing that experts recommend following for the sake of transforming your assignment completion experience. These tips may help you do the home tasks quickly and efficiently without dedicating too much time to the planning and structuring stages.

  • It’s vital to set the context and provide a broad background for your topic at the beginning of the essay. Not everyone who will read your assignment is an expert in your professional area. Thus, it will help their comprehension if you talk in more detail about the subject and introduce it to laypersons.
  • Provide the essential definitions of the key terms in your writing work. It’s vital to do this to avoid ambiguity and give the readers a feeling that they’re on the same page with the writer.
  • Don’t forget to discuss the significance of the problem you’re examining in the introduction of your assignment. It sets the context much better and convinces the readers to pay more attention to your claims and arguments.
  • Be clear about the purpose of your essay. It’s not enough to describe the problem; you need to explain how you plan to address it and from what angle you’re approaching it.
  • Indicate your specific position about the subject, especially if it’s an argumentative assignment. This information will help the readers understand the strength of your arguments and decide whether they are convincing.
  • Provide a tentative structure of your paper in the introductory part. In this way, the readers will have a roadmap simplifying their comprehension.

Be Flexible

With these recommendations and ideas in mind, you should still remember that essay writing is a flexible assignment. You may introduce some changes into this plan that will help reveal your personality and show how you treat the subject individually. So, don’t get fixated on the structure too much; follow the general guidelines and recommendations, and you will find the writing process much more rewarding and enjoyable.


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