How To Boost Nutrition In Your Dog’s Food

How To Boost Nutrition In Your Dog's Food

Dogs are just loving, affectionate, and happy creatures. They give us so much and don’t ask for much in return. So, as pet owners, it’s our duty to make sure they are fed well, exercised, loved, and given lots of snuggles.

Yummy food is the best way to show your dog how much you love him. You also want to make sure that the yummy food is healthy and will keep him in the best possible shape. Next to exercise, nutrition is the most important responsibility of a dog owner.

While you may think giving your dog nutritious food is pretty simple, you shouldn’t ignore how much of an impact a dog’s food has on him. it may seem like you are giving him a treat to let your dog lick your plate after eating onions, but did you know that onions are toxic for a dog? So many innocent-seeming human foods are actually pretty harmful for a dog to eat, so you need to make sure you know what is safe for your dog and what isn’t. here are a few tips to help you make your dog more nutritious.

Research Labels on Dog Food Thoroughly

There are tons of dog food commercials on TV. Believe it or not, as much is spent on dog food advertising as is spent on human food ads. While many dog foods tout nutritional benefits that may sound good on paper, always take a closer look at the labels to determine which food is the best for your pup.

Much of the dog food made today are processed heavily and uses fillers. But if you read the labels closely enough, you can tell whether the main ingredient is high protein meat, so it’s not full of all that junk and fillers. For a higher-level view of the leading dog food brands in the market today, we encourage you to visit The Pampered Pup.

Find Out What Food Is Toxic For A Dog

Some things like chocolate are a great treat for a human, but it’s also pretty dangerous for a dog. Depending on the type of chocolate, certain types can make a dog super sick while others like milk chocolate may not affect a dog at all.

There are several types of food that are not healthy for a dog besides chocolate. Avocado, the sweetener Xylitol, and avocado, particularly the pit which they can choke on, are also potentially poisonous to a dog.

Keep in mind that Xylitol is so harmful to a dog that some dog owners won’t even have it in the house. Just a small amount can cause hypoglycemia that is life-threatening for a dog. Always familiarize yourself with any food that can be dangerous to your dog to keep him healthy and safe.

Don’t Overfeed Your Pup

It’s easy to overfeed your dog, especially if you think you’re showing him how much you love him. Too many treats and food can be an easy way to show your dog you love him, but it can lead to an overweight puppy. It’s better if you show your love by limiting his food intake so that he doesn’t end up with a long-term health problem.

A good way to keep an eye on your dog’s food intake is to measure out his food. This also has the benefit of alerting you to any changes in his eating behavior that might be an indication of a medical issue.

Natural Supplements

Supplements and vitamins are also a great way to improve your dog’s overall well-being and health. Conditions that are chronic like hip dysplasia and arthritis often see improvement when you use supplements with natural anti-inflammatories or omega oils and antioxidants are added to your dog’s daily menu. You may also way to check out how much hemp oil can improve your dog’s health.

Clean And Fresh Water

A dog also needs to drink water frequently, especially in the summer, since dehydration can cause some serious health problems, which include death. Just like a human, the more exercise and higher the temperature, the more a dog will need to drink.

Make sure your dog has plenty of access to clean and fresh drinking water. This is very important as a dog can only survive a short time without it.

Reduce Inflammation

A major cause of premature aging and disease, inflammation can occur in both humans and dogs. Processed dog food is inherently inflammatory, and it can cause pancreatitis and arthritis, which is the result of a diet that contains way too much processed food.

In comparison, whole food helps to reduce inflammation in your dog’s body since it is high in antioxidants. You can use aloe vera as a supplement since, on a cellular level, it’s a natural anti-inflammatory.

Feed Your Pup Raw Food

If you think about it, only humans cook their meat. All other animals eat their food raw, and that includes meat. As food cooks, it loses a lot of important nutrients. This also happens when you cook food for your dog. Believe it or not, dogs actually do very well when they are on a totally raw diet. If you have a dog that is a picky eater and won’t eat raw food, you can find a lot of healthy, but delicious homemade dog food recipes online.

Avoid Gluten And Grains

If your dog has gas, you may want to blame the gluten in your dog’s food. Many dry dog food uses gluten, which can cause your dog’s waste products to be retained and cause too much work on your kidneys and liver. If you notice issues with your dog and excessive gas, try using dog food that doesn’t contain gluten.

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