How to Boost Sales with Mobile Customer Loyalty App

How to Boost Sales with Mobile Customer Loyalty App

Loyal customers are extremely valuable. According to research, 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers. Therefore, keeping your existing customers happy and engaged with your brand is crucial to your bottom line.

Customer loyalty programs are a very important tool to achieve this. However, in today’s digitalized world, customers don’t want to mess around trying to find cards in their bags or wallets. These days, people prefer mobile loyalty apps that allow access at the tap of their smartphones.

Luckily, thanks to tech advancements, every business can easily build a mobile app. You don’t need coding skills, just a good idea and some creativity to build your customer loyalty app with a DIY app creator. With loyalty cards, deals, and coupons available on their smartphone, your customers will be able to easily manage all their reward programs in one place, without the worry of losing paper or plastic cards.

Here’s how a customer loyalty app can help you increase sales and grow your business.

1.   Make Your Loyalty Program Super Convenient

Using a mobile loyalty application is much faster than conventional rewards cards. Having in mind that an average consumer checks their smartphone more than 50 times per day, having a mobile app is the best way to stay connected with your customers at all times.

Buyers don’t have to worry about loyalty cards getting lost or checking your site to find deals and discounts – your app will notify them about special offers.

Most applications also offer mobile payments, so combining that experience with your loyalty program is an added plus. By integrating your loyalty program with a mobile payment system, you are making the shopping process even smoother, thus encouraging repeat purchases.

2.   Personalize Your Offers

A mobile app gives you an opportunity to customize the CX. You can offer birthdays treats, anniversary recognitions, personalized deals, and even update the visual experience to further enhance brand recognition. A loyalty application analyzes customer preferences and purchase history, allowing them to spend less time looking for products.

Each of these components makes for an improved, more personalized experience with your brand. And as you might already know, interacting with your customers in a personalized manner helps build an emotional connection with your brand, which can be an important driver for purchases. Studies have shown that 49% of buyers have bought products they didn’t initially plan to purchase after getting a personalized recommendation from a retailer. Check out offers from digicel top up.

3.   Improve Customer Support

Mobile loyalty apps aren’t just about offers and rewards. They can also serve as a customer support tool. Thanks to the newest technologies, companies can now enable customers to connect with them at any time and make inquiries about their products and services. All you need is to incorporate a chatbot into your loyalty app.

Chatbots can help relieve the workload of organizing and distributing customer requests without having to hire more employees. This allows you to save money while at the same time offering faster and more efficient customer support.

4.   Collect Valuable Customer Data

One of the most important reasons why you should incorporate your loyalty program into a mobile application is the ability to gather valuable customer data. When a big number of customers are engaging with your app, you will be able to track their behavior and better understand their experience.

You can also use your app to gather feedback that will help improve your products, marketing strategy, and your customer experience.

5.   Stand Out from the Crowd

By building a loyalty app, you will come off as an innovative brand that’s different from others on the market. This will help you attract more prospects and convert them into your buying customers.

AR-powered solutions are among the most popular features that can help you set yourself apart. For instance, many fashion brands offer virtual fitting rooms, whereas furniture companies offer virtual room designs. By adding interesting features like these into your loyalty application, you can keep users interested and engaged, encouraging them to buy your products more often.

Final Thoughts

The best companies know that in order to be successful, they need satisfied and committed customers that will come back for repeat purchases. That’s why having an effective mobile loyalty app is an important component of business growth.

Building a mobile app is the best way to implement your loyalty program in practice. It will help you personalize the customer experience, stay connected with your customers, build a strong relationship with each one, and encourage more purchases.

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