How to Buy Giant Betta Fish Online – Buying Guide

How to Buy Giant Betta Fish Online

Giant Betta fish has the scientific name Betta Anabantoids and belongs to the Osphronemidae family. It is the second species of betta fish, and just because of selective breeding, it has a unique size. Moreover, giant Betta fish are known as the jewels of the aquatic world. They are widely famous among fish lovers due to stunning layers of finnage and dazzling colors. There are numerous ways and online platforms that offer giant bettas for saleIt is quite simple for a fish lover to purchase from these stores or places. The best thing about online purchasing betta fish is that you don’t have to pay a subscription fee or extra charges. So, without delay, let’s know about these top places to buy giant betta fish online.

Giant Bettas For Sale Online

When we buy betta fish from a store, we get specific species with limited selections. But when you make your purchase online, it would be more helpful to make a wide selection with numerous shapes and colors on the internet betta breeder. You don’t need to be apprehensive about internet shopping if you purchase from recommended and reliable platforms. This comprehensive guide will give the best ways and finest locations to buy unique betta fish according to your expectations. 

Blackwater Aquatics

Blackwater Aquatics was established by two young men who have a mutual love for dwarf shrimp, killifish, bettas, and other water creatures. I’m not just talking about the common species of betta; in fact, Blackwater Aquatics is full of the finest collections. They have a unique way of breeding and are more responsible for bettas feeding. Blackwater Aquatics is one of the top fish platforms, and they provide good sources and nutrients to betta fish to maintain their health. 

JV Betta

JV Betta is another largest platform to provide giant bettas for sale. This amazing fish platform is located in Florida, US. It is the result of bred genetic research and wild collection to find the most unique and attractive betta for breeding. As fish lovers know, the US is rapidly growing betta fish, and because of this, betta fishes are losing their native habitat, and their extinction is also at risk. JV Betta has a responsibility to ship through Transhippers. They first use intermediaries to send the final destination, and perform some duties such as cleaning water for fish, re-bag the fish, and sending them to their final place. These steps enhance their shipping prices a bit.

AquaBid is one of the largest aquariums in the aquatic world and is called eBay. Thousands of people order their bettas each month. You can eat any Betta species you want due to their wide variety of betta fishes. They have a wide collection and amazing listings that are exactly what you are looking for. You have to visit their page, and you can order your betta just like on eBay. When you place your order, you will be surprised that their prices and shipping rates are a colossal variable because that is the auction website. has a unique and large collection of vibrant color bettas. When you want each fish species, you can visit their store because of the uncommon breeds like Halfmoon, Koi Bettas, and Globettas. These names are uncommon and rarely available in stores. But the best thing about is that they have every kind of breed in one location. If you buy a fish that is unavailable in this store, the amazing thing is that they will order, and you will be free from the shipping price. Additionally, you will get a 30-day guarantee; if your fish dies within this period, they will return your purchase price. 

The Buyer’s Guide To Betta Fish

When you order a betta fish online, you have to make a selection in a larger collection. So, the selection can be different. For that, you can go under the subheadings section to check the availability of your required betta. Online websites have a colossal collection of giant bettas for saleIt is also challenging to find the required betta due to the poor coloring of fish and misrepresentation. 

  • Some lucrative businesses don’t care about some essentials. You should check these things on the website and then purchase. Ensure the website has a policy on refunds, arrival guarantee, and guarantee of survival. 
  • When you select the Betta fish from the store, it doesn’t seem easy to select the healthiest one. An unhealthy Betta will refuse to eat, so you can request to feed the betta. A healthy Betta would not have decayed or ripped fins. Fishes’ eyes should be clear and colored. 
  •  To select the energetic and active betta, you can place a mirror in the tank; when the energetic one sees his reflection will be aggressive, and you can check how rapidly its fins are spreading. A good one will have sharp and active fins while aggressive.


This was all about the giant betta fish, which is the larger species of betta fish. It has vibrant colors and double size in comparison to the common betta. Make sure you take out betta fish from the bag within three days because their survival time is up to three days in a bag. These guidelines will be helpful for you to find the best betta fish online.

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