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How to choose perfect rugs for winter

How to choose perfect rugs for winter

Many people want to create a cosy home environment, even more so during winter. When the weather cools down, having a cosy rug underfoot can provide instant warmth and comfort to your home.

Choosing the right rug can be challenging with so many designs and styles to choose from, but when buying one for winter there can be additional considerations to keep in mind.

Think about the material

The material and texture of your rug can make a difference to the cosiness it adds to your home. When buying a rug for winter you want something with a thicker texture.

A thin rug will not provide as much warmth in winter. Cold rises from your floor, especially if you have tiles or floorboards in your home. A heavyweight pile will trap warm air in its fibres, keeping the room warmer in winter.

A luxuriously thick rug is exactly what you want underfoot on those winter mornings. Look for materials like wool that will add warmth to a space. The texture of a plush rug, with thick woven threads, can make any room feel much cosier during the colder months.

Wool is durable and long-wearing, so as well as being a good choice for winter, it will last season after season. Rugs made from New Zealand wool are a great option for winter, as they are high-quality and come in a wide range of designs.

Warm-up your home

During winter, there’s nothing better than interior decor that does double-duty by adding both style and warmth to your home.

Adding layers to your home can make it feel nice and cosy in winter. Textiles such as throw blankets, pillows and rugs create an inviting atmosphere in your home for winter.

Wooden and tiled floors can cool down during winter, especially if you don’t have underfloor heating. Rugs act as a warm barrier between your feet and the floor. Look for modern rugs with a thick pile, as dense fibres will help keep you the warmest when the weather gets cold. Another option is to layer up a few thinner rugs to create both style and warmth in a space.

Adding rug underlays can also add an extra layer of insulation as well as keeping your rug in place.

The insulating properties of a rug may also help you reduce your electricity bills in winter. A rug prevents your feet from getting chilly, but also adds warmth to the entire space as it helps prevent heat from being lost into the floors.

Choose winter tones

Colour can have a significant impact on the feel of a room. When choosing a rug for winter, think about the feelings you want to evoke.

Deep blues, greys, burgundy, and dusty pinks can help create a cosy and moody atmosphere, perfect for embracing those grey winter days.

Warm neutral tones can help balance any existing colours in your home decor and create a more cohesive style, they can also add a touch of lightness to your home, while still making the space feel comfortable and warm.

The right rug can act as a piece of art for your floor, instantly changing the look and feel of a room. A modern rug is an investment for your home that you will have for years, so consider colours and patterns that will work for all seasons.

Think about the rooms you want to add warmth

In winter there may be certain rooms in your home you spend more time in to cosy up on colder days. Transform your home into a cosy paradise for winter, with a stunning new rug to beat the winter chill.

During winter you may spend more time in the living room with the family watching films or cuddled up reading a book on cold and rainy days.

And there is nothing worse than getting out of bed on a winter morning and stepping onto cold floors. Upgrade your bedroom with a winter rug, the added soft texture under your feet will feel cosy during winter.

A rug provides a great way to beat the cold and take the winter chill out of your home. For a wide range of high-quality modern rugs perfect for winter, Hali has a collection of designs to suit any home.

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