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How to Choose the Best Framing Nailer? – Buying Guide

Few things are better left to machines. Aren’t they? Let’s admit it it’s an arduous task to sink a nail by your hands because it requires a lot of force and time. Imagine when you want to put up a wall, quickly. That is when the framing nailers come into need. They are much effective at shooting nails efficiently and precisely at the desired spot and making your task much more comfortable. Also, you can prefer woodworking machines, one of the best options for farming.

However, I am convinced that you should always select the option that fulfils your nailing needs and suits you best. But there are few considerations, which you should ponder upon before making your call. In this guide, I will throw some light on the factors, which you should consider before buying the best framing nailer.

Some Key Considerations Before Choosing the Best Framing Nailer

Compact Design

If you have to carry out a lot of construction work. You know how important it is to consider the weight of the framing nailer. So, you should always look for the nailer that is lightweight, easy to hold and carry so your arms should not be weary if you use it for a long time.


There are varies types of nails and collations available in the market. Some are round-headed, clip-headed, plastic collated etc. Consequently, you should look for the nail gun that supports numerous types of nails, which increases its versatility, and you will be able to tackle different kinds of projects with a single tool.

Framing Gun Triggers

The nail guns usually offer two kinds of triggers the contact firing and the sequential firring. The contact firing enables you to work with much more speed, whereas the sequential firings deliver safety with adequate performance. Therefore, you should look for the gun that offers the actuation mode so the user can effortlessly switch between the two modes depending upon the characteristics of the work.

Pitch Adjustment

You have to modify the adjustment of the nails when you are working on different surfaces and materials, according to their nature. Hence, you should choose the nailers that offer you the depth adjustment feature for increasing and decreasing the pitch of the nail for satisfying performance.

Jamming Lockout

No matter how adaptable the nailing guns are, they do experience nail jamming in their nose either by the wrong measurement of the stud in the magazine or by inappropriate force applied. Thus look for the nailer, which offers the nail clearing mechanism so you can effortlessly remove any nail stuck in the nose and continue your work.

Magazine Types

The magazine is the essential part of the framing nailer as it holds the nails and does most of the work. However, framing nailers are available in different types of magazine styles, but the most common ones are coil and stick magazine. If your task requires a lot of nail shooting, then it is advisable to look for a coil-magazine gun as it holds hundreds of nails at one time. Similarly, if your projects require little construction, stick-style magazines are good picks.


Either you are a professional contractor or a hobbyist, the best framing nailer will enable you to fulfill your woodworking projects much easier and faster. I am sure once you will experience the taste of speed, you will never want to swing a hammer again, which demands you a lot of strength.

Though buying an appropriate framing nailer will not only cost you some fortune, yet you also need to take into account the vital factors, which are discussed above before making your choice. Therefore, I hope after skimming through this guide. You can acknowledge the top features, which you should double-check before investing your money on any product.

Keep Nailing!

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