How to Choose The Best Lanyards For Your Next Convention

How to Choose The Best Lanyards For Your Next Convention

When it comes to conventions, business lanyards are your number one way to build connections and show off your brand.

Lanyards are also a popular tool for event security and control, used to identify the wearer as someone who is allowed access to certain areas or events.

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1. Determine What You Will Be Using The Lanyard For

Whether it’s identification, name tags, or event security, you want to make sure that your lanyard can do everything required of it without compromising its function or design. It is crucial to know what is a lanyard used for to ensure you select the right type and style that best suits your specific needs and enhances the overall experience of your convention or event.

If you are going to be looking at various lanyards, you may want to consider a retractable lanyard. It will give you the option of having both an ID and name tag as it allows for the attachment of multiple cards at once.

2. Choose Your Material Carefully

Choosing the wrong material could lead to an unattractive design, poor quality product, and even discomfort for your wearer. So how do you choose?

Polyester lanyard designs are the most versatile option as they come in various styles and colors, they can also be printed or embroidered on (so you can customize it to your specification). But if your industry calls for lanyards that need to be particularly durable, whether for outdoor use or because your lanyard will be used frequently, nylon is a perfect choice.

Polyester has some other perks too. It’s static-free, so if you’re worried about picking up dust or fluff at your next event, polyester is more likely to keep both your lanyard and ID badge clean than nylon which tends to attract dirt. Polyester also has higher water resistance, ensuring that your lanyard won’t get wet if it rains.

3. Decide on the Hardware That You Want

The kind of hardware that you choose for your lanyard will depend on how long you want it to hang and what level of comfort you require for your wearers.

The longer a lanyard hangs, the heavier it becomes, and this weight will be distributed across the person’s neck if a breakaway is not used. It means that a double-ended lanyard (two clips at both ends) will prove to be less of an annoyance than a single-ended one (one clip at one end) if you are looking for a long lanyard with no breakaway.

The most popular and traditional way to wear a lanyard is around the neck, but they can also be worn on the wrist or attached to clothing items such as badges and vests using eyelets. While this might seem like overkill for events that don’t require extreme security or identification, it’s an option that can be used to identify your employees and volunteers easily.

If you are only using the lanyard for ID cards, then choosing a breakaway feature will ensure no danger of injury if someone were to trip on the lanyard. And while many people choose metal fasteners for security purposes, plastic clips are lighter and more comfortable for the wearer.

4. Consider Your Design Options

These days, there are so many printing methods available that your lanyards can showcase your company just as much as other promotional products.

Screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, digital printing, and more are all possible, ensuring that your lanyard can be as unique and relevant to the event you’re using it for.

There are also several finishing options, including heat seal, which is particularly popular for nylon lanyards. The heat from the sealer fuses both ends of the cord to make it durable and difficult to separate, meaning that your lanyard will be strong enough to withstand a lot of wear and tear without fraying or snapping under pressure.

5. Decide the Layout

Once you have decided on the lanyard type that will work best for your event, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty details of what your lanyards are going to look like.

You have two options here: you can do some research, find some inspiration online and create your design from scratch – or you can have your lanyards custom designed by someone who is an expert.

Whichever option you choose, your brand image must be reflected in the design of your lanyard both on the front and back. If you are using a clip-on badge holder, then your lanyard’s front and back can serve as a great place to show off your logo.

For certain events, such as a black-tie, an embroidered lanyard is likely to be more appropriate than a printed one so that it doesn’t detract attention from the main event. Suppose black tie isn’t in the equation. In that case, you can use the lanyard as an opportunity to start conversations by including a line or two about your company, event location, and event sponsor.

Lanyards play a key role in providing identification and security during events and conferences. Their design, material, and hardware options allow you to make them as simple or elaborate as you like, ensuring that they can suit your branding needs.

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