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How to Choose The Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain

How to Choose The Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain

Did you know about 80% of all Americans are suffering from lower back pain? The reasons for lower back pain can be as manifold as there are mattress varieties. It could be due to a spinal condition, an injury, bad posture, or simply an old mattress. People with lower back pain should invest in high-quality mattresses to get better sleep. Good things there are a lot of options available from the best mattress brands, which you can find on wakeupsleepyhead.com.

The Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain

Extra Firm Isn’t Always the Best Choice

Most people think that if you’ve got lower back pain, you will need an extra firm mattress. That’s not necessarily true. The firmness of your mattress depends on your very own preference. If you prefer to sleep on a softer surface, don’t let anyone talk you into getting an extra firm mattress. You won’t feel comfy and probably still suffer from lower back pain.

You could try if a firm mattress is better for you. Simply slip a wooden board under your sheets. It doesn’t need to be a thick one, but it can give you an idea of whether you feel better on a firm surface. However, it could also accidentally even out lumps or sagging areas of your mattress. That alone could already be a reason for your lower back pain – in combination with the wrong mattress choice.

There Are Different Firmness Levels for Your Weight

Mattresses have different firmness levels from super soft to hard. The firmness you choose should always depend on your weight. Of course, a small child won’t put too much pressure on a mattress. Thus, it can be super soft with a level of 1 or 2. However, up to 150 pounds, you’ll be fine with a mattress between 5 and 7 which is medium-soft to medium-firm at orthomattress.com.

As a lightweight, you won’t put too much pressure on your mattress that makes it give in too much. Should you be heavier, take at least 6, though the firmness level of 7 would be better. Otherwise, you’ll put too much pressure on a soft mattress that can’t provide the right support for your body weight. Even if you bought a high-quality mattress from the best mattress brands, it needs to be suitable for you.

There Are Different Firmness Levels for Your Weight

The Most Important to Consider: Your Sleeping Position

Everyone has a particular sleeping position. Do you tend to sleep on your back, your stomach, or your sides? Each sleeping position creates different pressure points and hence requires different support from the proper mattress.

The back sleeper

If you’re sleeping on your back, you’ve got several pressure points in need of support from your mattress. Memory foam mattresses are usually best for back sleepers as they align your spine perfectly. That’s because they support different zones of your body from neck to hips. They accommodate that slight curve of your back while a hard mattress can’t.

Memory foam reacts to pressure, so your heavier body parts slightly sink into the memory foam and the lighter parts remain further up. You could imagine it like plasticine. It gives in where you put your finger with pressure. However, memory foam mattresses take on their shape again once you get up. A foam or hybrid mattress might as well work well for you. Go for a medium-firm or firm mattress by the best mattress brands.

The stomach sleeper

Stomach sleepers have completely different needs. If their mattress is too soft, the pelvis drops down. At the same time, a pillow that’s too thick can cause the spine to bend further up than it’d be healthy. Thus, lower back pain is to be expected. Latex mattresses aren’t that common but they usually are better for stomach sleepers.

Alternatively, a hybrid mattress with an innerspring and a latex layer could also be a good choice. They’re firm, breathable, and provide your body with some contouring. Apart from a firm mattress that’s most suitable, also make sure you go for a thin pillow. There also are special pillows for stomach sleepers that align your body to its perfect condition.

The side sleeper

As a side sleeper, you have other pressure points. The highest impact on your mattress is where your shoulder and hips are. Memory foam mattresses are usually most suitable for side sleepers. With those heavier pressure points, you probably yearn for a softer mattress. If a memory foam mattress doesn’t do the trick, a foam one probably will. Look for a medium to medium-firm mattress to provide the best support for your spine.

The combo sleeper

You could also be a sleeper that sleeps in all kinds of positions throughout the night. Maybe you fall asleep on your stomach, but wake up on your back. As you change positions, you need a mattress that can support your spine in any position. A hybrid mattress would most likely be more suitable for you. In regards to firmness, a medium-firm by best mattress brands would be just what you need.

The combo sleeper

There’s No One Size Fits All

Each one of us has different needs so there is no perfect mattress for you ready to go. Well, there is, but you’ll have to find it among the best mattress brands.

You might feel tempted to buy the mattress in the showroom ‘cause it feels comfy for the few minutes you lay down on it. However, a few minutes can’t mirror several nights. You’ll only find out if your mattress medium firm is perfect to ease lower back pain after a few nights. That’s why a lot of brands offer you a trial for several weeks.

Parting Words on  the Best Mattress Brands for Lower Back Pain

If you later find out it’s not the perfect one, you can easily return and exchange it for another model. However, most people already experience less low back pain once they got a new mattress. So, make sure to look out for your back’s health.

Having to wake up only to feel extreme discomfort should never be an option. Especially if your new mattress is the cause of said pain. Thus, to ensure you won’t spend money on something that’ll actively cause you pain.

Buying a mattress is no easy task, so make sure to never take this task for granted. Take your time and do the proper research on the matter.

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