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How to Choose the Best Mulch For Your Yard

Did you know that there’s been a worldwide gardening boom? According to a recent survey, gardening has been on the rise in the past couple of years. This healthy trend has seen people heading outdoors and spiffing up their yards.

And one of the top projects in landscaping is mulching. Have you been wondering if your garden needs mulch? If so, learn about the benefits and how to choose the best mulch for your yard.


In addition to improving the look of your yard, mulch has practical uses in gardening. During hot weather, mulch protects soil from drying out, and in cold weather, it acts as insulation. Using mulch for weeds helps prevent weed growth and can keep them from taking over.

Environmental Impact

Did you know that mulching is eco-friendly? When soil is covered by mulch, it holds onto carbon instead of releasing it into the air. Using mulch for landscaping means fewer greenhouse gas emissions!

Application and Timing

The best time to use mulch is before or after planting your garden beds. Determine if you need to put down fabric underneath the mulch, and how much you will need. If you have existing mulch, spring is usually a good time to add more after winter has depleted it.

Best Mulch Varieties

One of the most common types of mulch is shredded bark because it is budget-friendly. But mulch can be made of other things, like compost, straw, or bark chips. River rocks and stones are more expensive options that have a longer lifespan since they don’t break down over time.

Use Naturally Colored Mulch

While it may be tempting to use colored mulch, make sure that it is naturally dyed. Artificially colored mulches can leak toxins into the soil and destroy precious microbes. Plus, it can also be harmful to children and pets.

Mulching Mistakes To Avoid

While mulching may seem simple, there are a few common mistakes to avoid. For example, use compost instead of wood-based mulch in a vegetable garden. Don’t use fresh mulch right away, since it may contain weed seeds or herbicide residues.

Get an Estimate

If you are going to be investing time and money in a significant amount of mulch, you may want to get an estimate first. Contact a professional company that offers mulch installation. You can find companies like Heartland Turf & Landscape online and ask them for more information.

Ready To Choose Mulch?

Now that you’ve learned about the best mulch, you can choose the right kind for your yard. Find out how much mulch you need for the space and then see what fits in your budget. And if want professional help with your mulching, contact a reputable landscaping company in your area.

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