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How To Choose The Right Sofa For Your Living Room

Buying a new sofa is a big investment for your home. The sofa is often the focal point of your living room or open play layout. You need to find the right style and material for your sofa. It should complement your interior design while fulfilling its main purpose: comfort.

You will eat, drink, entertain and relax on the sofa. You might even have a few naps there if it’s comfortable. Take your time when choosing the perfect couch, and shop around a little.

Follow this quick guide to find your dream sofa.

Determine your budget

Take a look at your finances and make a budget for your sofa. You need to know your price range so you can tailor your search. Measure the space you have available and double-check the measurements a few times. No one wants a sofa that doesn’t fit in the allotted space.

Size, shape and space

The size of the sofa can be difficult to get right. You don’t want it to be too big or too small. Try cutting out the size of a few sofas online from a newspaper. Lay the paper on the floor to get a feel for the size and space. You might find that some models are too big for the room, and don’t leave enough space for a coffee table, lamp and TV.

Decide how many seats the sofa needs to have. While a six-seater sounds luxurious, it might not work in your smaller living room. You could have a corner sofa to squeeze in an extra seat or a separate armchair. Try out the different variations and see what works for you.

Think about your lounging style

Some people like to sit up straight and watch TV with perfect posture. Others like to lie down on the sofa and sink into the cushions. You might like to have your legs up on the coffee table – or on a recliner. Think about your family and how you can make the living room as comfortable as possible.

You might need to buy a sofa bed for when guests come to stay. Or, you could pull out the bed portion for a movie day at home with your family. Your sofa can be anything you want it to be.

Choose the fabric, frame and filling

A high-quality frame will help your sofa to withstand the test of time. Metal frames can be very uncomfortable. You also need to think about the filling of the sofa cushions. You might want foam, fibre or feather filled cushions. You could even have a combination of materials for maximum comfort. The fabric of your sofa should be soft, durable and attractive. You can choose from velvet, nubuck, leather and much more.

It’s all about personal preference.

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