How to Choose the Right Telescoping Antenna Mast for You

How to Choose the Right Telescoping Antenna Mast for You

You may have seen them before, extending high into the sky. Whether or not you know what’s attached to it, the telescoping mast definitely makes an impression. However, these masts do a lot more than just look impressive. They can bring your operation to the next level.

If you’re looking to get a telescoping antenna mast, but don’t know which one is best for your needs, you’re at the right place. From pneumatic to manual and everything in between, this is your guide to telescope mast types and which applications are best for each one.

Pneumatic Telescoping Antenna Mast

Pneumatic telescopic masts are one of the most common types of telescoping masts, as they are effective, affordable, and reliable. These pneumatic masts use air pressure to quickly extend and retract the mast and are generally controlled by hand pumps or electric pumps.

This type of telescopic antenna pole is often used for both commercial and law enforcement purposes. It’s useful for monitoring large events, long-range surveillance, security cameras for large areas such as construction sites, radio antennas, and much more. This type of mast can be extended up to over 150 feet, although anything over 60 feet will generally require guying of some sort to provide stability.

Hydraulic Telescoping Mast

Hydraulic masts are not nearly as common as pneumatic masts, but in the right situations can be extremely effective. This type of mast is most commonly used in the marine industry.

A hydraulic telescoping mast uses hydraulic fluid cycled through a tank to raise and lower the mast. Because of this extra tank, the type of masts are more common in the marine industry and are not as space-efficient.

The biggest advantage of a hydraulic mast is that it raises and lowers very quietly and smoothly, making it ideal for secret surveillance operations. They are also commonly used on news vans, as they don’t create a disturbance and the vehicles have the space to carry a small hydraulic tank.

Mechanical Telescoping Mast

A mechanical telescoping mast is one of the largest and most stable types of telescoping masts and is often used in situations where the mast will remain in place for a long or indefinite period of time.

This type of mast is most commonly used in government and military for surveillance, communications, and other operations. These masts are heavy duty and able to withstand most types of weather and even some explosive attacks, making them ideal for military or heavy construction operations.

Manual Telescope Mast

The manual mast is the most lightweight and portable of the masts, making them ideal for mobile units and small events.

These can be attached to the side of vehicles for mobile surveillance or quickly set up in the field whenever needed. Because they are leightweight, they can’t support as much equipment.

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Now that you know about which type of telescoping antenna mast suits which needs, it’s time to go out and get one!

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