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How to clean Persian carpets

How to clean Persian carpets

Rugs are very important pieces of furniture in a home and are recommended to enrich a corner in a simple and economical way. However, to ensure their durability over time, it is essential that good maintenance is provided. In fact, carpets must always be sanitized and cleaned carefully. Before understanding the way in which it is appropriate to clean the carpet at home, however, we must first check what type of carpet it is. The first question to ask is what is the material with which it was made, for example how to clean Persian carpets or carpets of other fabric.

The secrets to cleaning a carpet

Cleaning a carpet sometimes requires the help of real experts in the sector who will be able to give you tips for deep sanitizing. However, when you want to wash them yourself, you must ensure adequate sanitation in order to prevent this element from becoming a receptacle for viruses, germs and bacteria. Sanitation is very important and generally always begins with the preparatory use of a specific and powerful vacuum cleaner. Then, you can finally proceed with the washing. Sometimes, for some types of carpet, the more delicate ones, it is better to dry clean or else you can sanitize everything with the help of steam.

Let’s see specifically all the phases to guarantee the cleaning of a carpet.

Remove dust from a carpet

To clean a carpet, you start, as already mentioned, with a carpet cleaner or vacuum cleaner. Thanks to this system, it is guaranteed to eliminate all the dirt that sometimes ends up getting stuck inside this element. The operation must be done at least twice a week. So that dirt does not accumulate between the fibers and generate bad odors, it is important that it is repeated continuously. In addition, a dirty and dusty carpet could also cause health risks or allergies. To proceed with cleaning the carpets, therefore, it is necessary to remove the dust in depth, so that unnecessary risks are avoided.

Washing a carpet

The second phase of cleaning a carpet is that of washing. In fact, the carpet should generally be dry cleaned or sometimes, in the washing machine if it is a model made of synthetic fibers. Washing must be done differently depending on the type of carpet. The wool carpet, for example, can be washed with detergents for delicate clothes and should never be rinsed with too much water. Indeed, dry cleaning is sometimes recommended for this type of carpet. On the other hand, cotton rugs can be safely washed in the washing machine, but it is better not to use too aggressive products. A synthetic carpet, on the other hand, can be washed with any type of detergent. The one indicated could be the one for the dishes. Even in this case, however, the carpet must be washed carefully and dried thoroughly. Instead, the Persian carpet is the most delicate of all. In fact, for thorough cleaning and washing, you need a specific vacuum cleaner and it is also okay to proceed with dry cleaning. The sanitization and sanitation of this type of carpet, however, must always be entrusted to real experts in the sector. In fact, there are cleaning companies that specialize in how to clean Persian carpets.

The importance of carpet cleaning

The importance of carpet cleaning should never be underestimated as it is a very important type of product for home furnishings. At the same time it is also dangerous if it is not cleaned, that’s why in some situations you might need a carpet steam cleaning service. This is because otherwise the carpet, due to its very structure, ends up becoming a receptacle for dirt and obviously, this could be very dangerous especially for allergy sufferers. Cleaning and maintenance must be done at least twice a week and in the event of stains, action is taken promptly to prevent damage from becoming irreparable. In case of doubts or perplexities, the advice is always to contact the experts in the sector.

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