How To Connect Firestick To WiFi Without Remote Control

How To Connect Firestick To WiFi Without Remote Control

If you’ve lost your Samsung TV remote, there’s no need to worry. You can still connect your TV to wifi without it. We’ll show you how to do just that in this blog post. So read on, and we’ll get you connected in no time!

This step-by-step guide will show how easy it really can be when connecting your Amazon Fire Stick or another streaming device like a Roku stick or Apple TV to wifi.

What is Amazon FireStick?

The Amazon Firestick lets you watch videos, install apps on your tv and play music. It’s built with the Android platform to turn any normal television into a smart one! You can download all kinds of fascinating programs from Google Play Store, giving you access to even more ways to enjoy life through entertainment. You can download apps from Google Play and watch videos on Netflix or YouTube while listening to music through Bluetooth speakers built-in.

How To Connect FireStick To WiFi Without Remote

With the Firestick, you can stream your favorite shows from anywhere in a house with an internet connection. However, if you don’t have a remote control, don’t worry because this article discusses how to connect the Amazon firestick without one. To connect Amazon Firestick to your fast home wifi router without remote control, you can use the following two methods:

How To Connect FireStick To WiFi Using Smartphone Without Remote Control

To connect the Firestick to wifi without a remote, you require two smartphones, and you have to connect to the Amazon Fire tv stick and one phone to the same wifi connection. In addition, you should follow the steps below to connect the Amazon Firestick with wifi without a remote:

  1. It is necessary to set up the hotspot in your phone using an SSID with a username and password comparable to the password you use on your home network. This way, you can emulate the home network and connect to the Firestick for a more convenient connection.
  2. You need to download the Amazon Fire TV app on the second smartphone.
  3. It is the next thing to do connecting the second device using Fire TV. The next step is to connect the second smartphone with the FireTV app to the local network by enabling the hotspot. Next, ensure that your device with the application installed and the Firestick is connected to your other phone’s network.
  4. The second smartphone can view and control the Firestick on a successful connection. Therefore, connecting the Amazon Firestick to the TV is possible and using the second device as a remote.

What happens if you wish to switch the current network connection and connect it to a different wifi network? Do not worry about it, as you can use your second smartphone to search and select another connection.

  • It is possible to go through your Fire TV settings and then go to the Network section. There, you will be able to select and connect your Firestick to the latest WiFI using the proper credentials.
  • But, once you have connected your Firestick to the new WiFI device, you will not be able to control it from another phone. This is because Firestick isn’t connected to that same wifi network. It’s the reason you have to connect your second phone via the current wifi connection to gain access to the Firestick.

You don’t need the second phone when the whole process is completed, which initially served as a hotspot.

Connect FireStick To WiFi With Amazon Echo

Another method used in conjunction with the two-device approach is utilizing one device, an Echo Or Echo Dot.

After you have reestablished the Fire television stick’s network connection, you may use the Echo and Echo Dot in place of a second smartphone or tablet.


Do You Need a Cable To Use FireStick?

The Amazon Fire TV is a different kind of streaming device. It doesn’t use cable box technology and instead relies on apps for internet content, just like how people enjoy watching shows these days through their smartphones or tablets.

Can You Run a FireStick OFF of a Hotspot?

You can stream your favorite shows and movies on Amazon Fire Stick using a mobile hotspot, but the connection may be less reliable than when you’re connected via broadband. You’ll also use up all of that data in just one session!


If you are looking for a solution to your Firestick not connecting to wifi, many ways may work. While one might be easier than others, it is vital to use the best option for you and your needs. We have listed a few methods with instructions on connecting without a remote control or keyboard interface. I hope this post is informative; share your thoughts in the comments.

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