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How to create a perfect layered look in your dining room

7 Tips To Style Your Dining Room With Modern Furniture

Each and every common space of our homes reflect consumers’ changing lifestyles and dining rooms are one of the spaces that have radically transformed and become much more multi-purpose. Dining rooms have become so versatile that they’re now being used for purposes that aren’t prohibited to your leisure times. While dining rooms are the perfect spaces for your little tea time breaks, they can even transform into your makeshift workspaces and they can also host those big gatherings on the weekends and those special occasions in your lives.

With so much to offer, it becomes essential to have perfect illumination in a space like this. There are many lighting fixtures you could go for and a million things to consider when you plan the lighting layout of your dining room. You can’t let the area be too bright and have shadows and glares all across the room, neither can you go with dim fixtures and compromise the functionality of the space. You don’t have to worry about it as we bring to you the best lighting plan you could go for in your dining room.

Layered lighting can change the face of your space beyond your imagination. Layered lighting comes with three elements – ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting – and they can do a lot more to your living space than you think. Apart from adding some depth and drama to your room, layered lighting can accentuate the visuospatial perception of your home too. Layered lighting sounds like a complicated design concept but in reality, it’s actually simpler to implement. Now, take a quick look at the following steps that can simplify the process of creating a perfect layered look in your dining room.

  1. Start with an overhead highlight

Starting with the ceiling can set the tone of your place and add a touch of glitz and glam to the space. The best lighting designs can be chandeliers or ceiling lights and you can go for pendant lights too if you have compact dining space. Try to make the area as functional and as versatile as possible and go for designs that are dimmable so the lighting supports all your moods and occasions.

  1. Balance the light out with lamps

Lamps are the best fixtures to enhance the general lighting of the room. Table lamps and floor lamps can offer the perfect amount of soft lighting in the space which can beautifully complement the bigger lighting fixtures. Table lamps can create the ambience of your room and they are subtle enough to blend into your existing decor and grand enough to get all the attention in the room.

  1. Create stunning highlights with accent lights

Accent lights can create perfect focal points to emphasize all the highlights including artworks, photographs and home decors like sculptures and artifacts. Home decor stands out from the crowd as it will not make your dining area look cluttered and add enough flavour to the overall theme.

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