How to Download happymod apk

How to Download happymod apk

HappyMod is an app developed by XDA member m.sabra and available on the Android Market for $2.93. It has not been updated since January 2010, but it was first posted to the market in 2008 and therefore appears as a new application.

HappyMod apk claims on its Google Market page that: You can run your own homebrew, backup your own system apps and their data to sdcard ! [sic]

What is Happymod

In fact, you can run many other Android applications installed from any source. In the case of this application, our tests indicate that it uses a decompiled version of Launcher Pro as its application framework. The app does not use any kind of root permissions checks before executing the files it downloads and installs, and allows application installations from any source (but on first run it always shows a warning).

It does not make use of root permissions checks before installing the available packages. When we ran this app for the first time, an installation message appeared:

happymod apk award

It is also possible to uninstall apps, by selecting them from a list in the application menu.

However, it does make use of a root permissions warning when you try to install an app for the first time:

Happymod apk for pc

However, this is not enforced by any means (we were able to install apps without having root permissions).

We downloaded the latest version available on the market (1.5.6), which was released in September 2009 . The APK file was found on our computer at: C:\Program Files\HappyMod_v1.5.6\HappyMod.apk

We ran it on a non-rooted Nexus One running Android 2.2, with the latest stable release of the Android SDK installed (r5). The system was in English.

Overall, Happymod seems to be an app that merely reverts launchers – providing no real functionality over existing generic home replacement.

Happymod Apk for ios

In our tests the app ran without crashing.

Before installing apps, a list of permissions required by each one is displayed:

Happymod apk full version for windows 7

This is a good security feature making it easier to decide whether you want to install an application. However, there were no root permissions failures while trying to run an app that required root permissions.

The app was unable to automatically find our installed applications, so we had to browse them manually. That is not a big issue, but it would be better if this step were unnecessary.

How to Download happymod apk for?

You can easily Download Happymod APK on your Android Device using 1mobile. If you want to do it with ease, just Download Happymod APK .

Safety measures of happymod apk

You can follow these safety measures if you don’t want the system problems:

  1. Don’t download apps from unknown sources (when prompted by a warning message).
  2. Don’t download apps from websites that provide pirated content.
  3. Don’t download app files (APK) from unreliable sources or send them by email; otherwise, you can infect your device with malware.
  4. Always check the developer’s page for comments and the “developer’s contact information.” If there are no comments, if it’s a new page or if the contact information is not there, this may be a sign that the app is fake.
  5. If you have already downloaded an application from a suspicious website and can’t uninstall it normally, use anti-virus software to erase it from your system.
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