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How To Effectively Get Rid Of Flies

How To Effectively Get Rid Of Flies

Houseflies are the most common fly species in the world. They are of the suborder Cyclorrhapha, and they are very harmful as they transmit pathogens through their saliva and feces. These pathogens are responsible for health hazards such as typhoid, cholera, shigellosis, food poisoning, and dysentery, among other bacterial infections. Houseflies thrive in moist decaying organic material such as feces, rotting food, and trash, where they breed and lay eggs that are clustered and quickly hatched in large numbers before infesting the house. This feature will provide you with the most effective ways of getting rid of flies either by help from professionals like GTA Emergency Pest Control or yourself.

Seal OpeningsTo Your Home

It is very common for houseflies to breed inside your home. For this reason, they mainly infest your property through open cracks in the walls, windows, doors, and vents. The first way to ensure they do not gain entry is to check for any unsealed cracks in these spots and immediately close them off.

You could use wire mesh to close off the outer part of your windows and vents to prevent them from entering when the windows are open. For the door, hanging fly glue traps will work tremendously well in case your door remains open for longer periods.

Properly Sanitize Your Home

Houseflies thrive in moisture and areas that are poorly sanitized. Make sure you clean every part of your house regularly, including countertops, sinks, drains, and drying your moppers. While cleaning the drains, use an abrasive metal brush to scrub any debris and pour vinegar and boiling water to completely clear the dirt.

You must dispose of any food from your dishes while ensuring you keep them clean to avoid attracting houseflies. Also, avoid leaving wet foodstuff in the open and always clean after your pets, both their food and their feces.

Make sure you lid your trash can and make use of plastic waste bags when disposing of moisture at all times. Ensure you regularly disinfect your trash cans to ensure that flies do not get attracted to them at any cost.

Plant Herbs Around Your Home

Since ancient times, our ancestors have used plants in various ways, and this still holds to date. Several plants can be used to prevent houseflies from infesting your home. These include;

  • Basil – this herb has been used for a long time due to its strong aroma that repels house flies and other pests like mosquitoes.
  • Lavender – Lavender produces oil whose smell repels away houseflies completely. Lavender can grow both inside your home (it looks good as a table decoration l) and outside, especially in good condition.
  • Lemon Balm – This is an effective and necessary plant to have both inside and outside your house. It has high levels of citronellal, a compound that repels house flies.
  • Marigold – These plants are suitable for your outside garden as they require maximum light to thrive. They produce a scent that is effective in repelling house flies from your home.
  • Venus flytrap – This is a carnivorous plant that lures the insects in with its scent or colour, then catches and eats them, making it essential if your area is infested with houseflies.

Use Fly Traps

Flytraps are very efficient in attracting (by using bait like sugar or light) and trapping house flies before they cause hazards. There exist several traps, both artificial made and built from scratch. Examples include;

  • Vinegar and soap flytrap is a naturally made mixture containing vinegar, fruit-scented soap, and sugar mixed in a bowl. The scent and the sugar in the mix attract the flies, while the vinegar prevents them from leaving by drowning.
  • Devices – There are low-voltage devices that shine a light to attract the house flies and trap them inside. They can be useful if the houseflies are bigger.

Try Fly Sprays Or Insecticides

Artificially manufactured sprays and insecticides can be the best bet when you are looking for a quick fix for your problem. These sprays can come in handy both inside and outside your home.

Pyrethrin-based insecticides are the most common types of sprays available today. Although effective for a short while, house flies become resistant to insecticides due to their short life cycle. Similarly, the effects of these insecticides only last for a while and require much more work and timing to work well. Integrating this method with the methods above, especially in a high infestation can lead to better results in the long run.

Houseflies are a nuisance and they can cause a lot of health problems as well as embarrassments. It is usually a hassle getting rid of them, especially if they have bred in a hidden area near your home. Keeping your place tidy at all times is the first and important thing that reduces their infestation.

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