How to Ensure Data Security While Using Transcription Services for Your Business?

How to Ensure Data Security While Using Transcription Services for Your Business?

For decades, businesses have relied on transcription to record and document important information in meetings and conferences. In the past, the transcription process was handled by secretaries with typewriters and a keen sense of hearing. Most businesses now prefer to outsource transcription to credible and reliable transcription firms.

Ways to Ensure Data Security When Outsourcing Transcription

One major concern that arises when outsourcing transcription is the issue of data security. How can you ensure your data is not stolen, corrupted or accessed by unauthorized parties? This article will give you a few tips to help guarantee that your sensitive data remains protected as you outsource transcription.

  1. Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

When outsourcing transcription, always go to a transcription firm that offers or, at least, is willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This document is legally binding, and it forbids the transcription firm from exposing the information on your audio or video files. If a transcription firm agrees to sign an NDA, it most likely means that they have laid out measures to protect your data. The staff involved in the transcription process should also sign the NDA agreement.

  1. Go for a Transcription Firm with a Secure Website

A credible transcription company should ensure that its software or website is secure. The company can employ cybersecurity measures like StrongDM, website encryption, multi-factor authentication and firewalls to prevent loss or theft of data. You can confirm if the website is secure by checking its URL address. Does the URL begin with HTTP or HTTPS? An HTTPS address signifies that the website is encrypted using an SSL certificate. Hackers will have a hard time accessing data from such a site, and if they do, they won’t be able to decipher it because it will be encrypted.

  1. Choose a Transcription Firm that Adheres to the GDPR Requirements

When contracting out transcription, try to go for a transcription firm that adheres to the GDPR guidelines. The GDPR (also called the General Data Protection Regulation) applies to any business that attracts European-based customers. It mandates the business to implement data security measures when dealing with client data. Any transcription firm that adheres to the GDPR can be considered secure. The chances of this firm mishandling your data are unlikely. And if they do, you can claim justice for it.

  1. Check if the Transcription Firm has ISO Accreditations

A transcription company that is ISO 9001 and 27001 certified is more secure than the one without these accreditations. ISO 9001 is a set of international standards that highlight the requirements for a quality management system. This standard can apply to an organization of any size or industry, and it ensures that the organization meets regulatory and customer requirements. ISO 27001, on the other hand, provides requirements for information security management. This standard covers how businesses should handle employee information, financial data, intellectual property and information from third parties.
To check ISO certification, you can request the transcription company to show you a copy of their certification or verify if the company is listed on the ISO accreditation database. ISO certification is not compulsory to businesses, but it helps instil confidence about the service you will get.

  1. Assess the Data Security Measures Taken By the Transcription Company

Before you get a transcription service, call or sit down with the transcription company and ask them what measures they take to protect data. A reliable company should at least have some guidelines set in place to ensure data security. Some companies will tell you that they hold annual cybersecurity training for their transcribers, while others might give you a glimpse of how they transcribe data. You can also ask the company how they store client data and what they do with it once they finish transcribing it.

Final Thoughts

When outsourcing transcription services, always go for a company that actively takes precautionary measures to prevent data loss or theft. Have a sit-down with the company and let them explain what they do to safeguard client data. You can take it a notch higher to request IS0 27001 and 9001 certifications or sign an NDA agreement. Remember that you are entrusting a third party with your sensitive information. Try to ensure they do everything they can to protect your data.

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