How to Escape the Crowds On a Croatian Holiday

How to Escape the Crowds On a Croatian Holiday

Croatia is a popular choice for many Europeans seeking sunshine, sandy beaches, and enticing experiences. In 2021, Croatia was the leader for tourist traffic within the Mediterranean region, with 13.8 million tourist arrivals. To put that figure into perspective, Croatia only boasts a population of 4.047 million people.

Explore the Dalmatian Coast by considering a yacht charter to find ways to escape the crowds and truly experience the tranquility of a Croatian holiday.

We are certain more and more people will choose to book a holiday in Croatia as travel becomes more straightforward. Here are a few ways you can you escape the crowds on your Croatian holiday:

Start early

Waking up at the crack of dawn on holiday might not be everyone’s idea of the ideal vacation. However, it’s worthwhile to visit the hotspots in major cities like Dubrovnik or Split before tourists arrive for the day. Not only will the temperature be more appealing for a stroll through the city streets, but you’ll also avoid the crowds. You can then spend a more leisurely late morning having a catnap or lazing on the beach.

Go offseason

July and August are not optimal times for visiting Croatia if you aren’t keen on crowds; even lesser-known locations or restaurants catering to a local clientele will be teeming with tourists. In addition, prices in July and August are typically spiked for hotels, luxury villas and restaurants in the core tourist districts. Instead, opt for heading to Croatia in the off-season. The weather is brisker in May and June, but consider September if you want warm seas and sunshine.

Get off the beaten track

If getting away from the crowds is your ultimate goal, head to lesser-known towns. For example, Cavtat is only a 30-minute drive from Dubrovnik but offers lower prices, less hustle and bustle, and a more authentic Croatian experience. Alternatively, the island of Zlarin has banned cars altogether and offers fantastic hiking trails and secluded beaches.

Yacht Charter

Introverts have always known that being out at sea is the best way to get away from people. Boat rental Split offers a range of boat charter options from small, crewless vessels to massive, skippered yachts with an assortment of watersport toys at your disposal.

If you’re looking for an exceptional sailing experience along the stunning Croatian coastline, Sail Croatia small ship cruises are the perfect choice. Combining the tranquility of being at sea with the comfort of a well-equipped vessel, these cruises offer an unforgettable journey through some of the most picturesque locations in the Adriatic.

Book a Tour with the Locals

Instead of opting for mass tours, contact a smaller company that is locally owned and operated. If you tell your guide in advance that you prefer to stay away from the crowds and are looking for genuine Croatian experiences, then we are confident you’ll be offered some fantastic options. Alternatively, check out some of the Airbnb experiences in the area, or try your own version of the $100 taxi ride TV series.

Discover the hidden beaches

Croatia has so many gorgeous beaches that there is no need to base yourself amongst the masses. Instead, get away from the more prominent destinations and head to Primošten, Dugi Otok, Murter, or Cres. These islands boast stunning beaches, a unique regional vibe, and ample opportunities to mingle with the locals.

Whether you are looking for some quiet time or you want to spend quality time with family and friends, Croatia is a fantastic holiday option. The sun, sand, and sea are even more enticing with a bit of forethought to get away from the tourist crowds.

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