How to Find the Right Church Insurance Company for You

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Many churchgoers don’t realize that their church has the same financial needs as their home or business. Church buildings have bills, HVAC costs, and other common financial concerns.

Similarly, churches also require insurance policies. Churches provide many services besides the ones they host on Sundays. Many churches host pre-schools, daycares, or parochial schools on their grounds.

Likewise, churches face dangers from extreme weather, vandalism, and other threats. So, if you help run a church, you must find a church insurance company to keep your building protected. Fortunately, several companies can provide that insurance.

If you’re not sure how to find church insurance, don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll explain how to find the policies you need.

How to Find a Church Insurance Company: Start with an Agent

Churches require insurance policies to protect their building, staff, and members from various harms. The trouble is, different churches may need varying policies. New churches with modern infrastructure have different needs than an old church insurance policy would cover.

How do you navigate those differences? First, try to find an independent insurance agent. These agents can help you compile a package of various coverage types to protect your church against its unique risks.

Your agent can help identify the types of coverage you need for your church. Fortunately, you can customize church insurance packages. So, you can work together to construct a policy that fits the church’s needs and its financial situation.

Consider the Risks that Affect Your Church

Churches across the country face several risks. Some of these risks are physical, while other threats come in more subtle forms. When you consider a church insurance company, make sure they’ll cover the risks that could harm your church.

Before you choose a policy, take time to assess the threats to your building. These could include several of the threats below:

  • Fires
  • Storm damage
  • Water damage
  • Electrical surge and lightning damage
  • Recreational activity injuries
  • Falls

These physical dangers could be a higher risk concern in some areas than in others. For instance, a church in California, where forest fires seem to rage every year, is more likely to burn than a church in Minnesota. You can also include church health insurance for cases of physical injury in the church.

However, some threats damage churches in other ways. For example, someone may break into a church and steal from church collection funds.

Likewise, allegations of sexual abuse or abuse of power can damage a church’s reputation. You can protect your church in cases like this through church liability insurance.

Finding a Company that Sells Church Insurance

As we mentioned before, several companies sell church insurance policies. To find the best company for your church, work with an independent agent. They can help recommend companies that will best meet your church’s needs.

Determine the Needs You Have

Before you find a church insurance company, spend some time assessing what needs your church has. What threats could potentially damage your church? When you’ve determined these, find an independent agent who can help identify the best policy.

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