How To Gain Weight Within Weeks?

Gain Weight

Are you in the quest for the answer to how to gain weight? Are you tired of being bullied for so many years due to your slim body structure? And now you want to gain some pounds.

Everyone wants to stay smart and in shape. No one wants to look too fat or too thin. That’s why people with very low BMI (body mass index) or very lean people want to gain some weight. And usually, it seems very difficult for some people to gain weight same as losing weight in other people who are overweight.

A dietitian or nutritionist is a health specialist who can make a diet plan for you according to your age, gender, and overall health. You can consult the best dietitian in Karachi for your diet plan.

Your weight is directly or indirectly connected with so many factors. And when you are trying to increase your weight but results are zero, you should rule out the root cause behind it. Because many underlying conditions and diseases do not allow your body to gain weight. That’s why it is important to understand your problem.

Here is the answer for your question “how to gain weight?”

Eat Small But Frequent Meals:

When you have less BMI, your stomach usually gets full easily. So, in this condition, you should take small meals but after short intervals of time. In this way, you consume more calories in less time. Thus you can avoid several stomach issues.

Choose Calorie Rich Foods:

High calories do not mean you should consume junk food. Rather it is important to make healthy and natural foods like red beans, eggs, meat, and a high carb diet like cereals, brown rice, etc. Similarly taking healthy fats that can be obtained from fish, nuts, avocado, vegetable oils, etc. is also helpful in gaining weight.

Get Help from Shakes and Smoothies

Drinking shakes and smoothies of fruits like bananas, dates, mangoes, blueberries, strawberries, etc. are beneficial for you in gaining weight. You can also make smoothies of different fruits and vegetables like spinach. For adding more nutrients and calories to your smoothies, you can add nuts, peanut butter, milk, yogurt, etc.

Additional Toppings On Meals:

Try to add more calories to your plate. You can add toppings of cheese or mashed potatoes to your food, which help you in gaining weight. Cheese, mushrooms, peanut butter, creams, and many other toppings can be used to increase calories in your meals.

Avoid drinking water with Meals:

Water should be consumed before your meal, but not with your meal. As drinking water with your meals, makes your stomach full and you cant consume all the calories in your meal.

Do Workout:

Doing a workout is not only for losing weight. Rather it makes your body active and helps your body to consume more calories.

Take Supplements

Food supplements and multivitamins are also helpful in gaining weight. Supplements have an extra amount of proteins or fats, that help your body to gain weight and increase muscle mass. Multivitamins also help your body to perform important functions properly.

They are the simplest tips that can help you to start gaining weight. Apart from these tips, your health condition is also very important that can help in making a diet plan for you. Your dietitian can help you in this regard. Sometimes your fast metabolism or hormonal problems like hyperthyroidism don’t let your body gain weight. More serious diseases like cancer, juvenile or type I diabetes may also become the reason behind your low body weight. Hence, visiting your health specialist is very important in any type of these conditions.

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