How to Get Rid of Nasty Pet Odor Once and for All

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You adore Fido to the core of your being. His smell? Not so much.

As an avid pet lover, you may be part of the 33% of Americans who think animals and human beings should receive equal rights, as they’re equally special to you. However, you can’t help but to acknowledge that Fido leaves your house smelling like your local kennel — something that Uncle Joe has yet to accomplish.

The question is, how can you finally get rid of pet odor in your home? Here’s a rundown on the top ways to get rid of pet odor once.

Let’s get started!


The best way to get rid of pet odor starting out is to vacuum everything in your home. Yes — everything.

That means your floors, rugs, furniture, curtains, and carpets. Routine vacuuming will help you to consistently eliminate the dander, dirt, and pet hair that keep your house smelling — and looking — like your pet.

Clean Your Carpets

To eliminate that unwanted dog smell, you may also want to enlist the help of a commercial-grade odor and stain remover. This type of solution can eliminate stains and odors from urine, protein, and feces, among other debris. Look for one that is not only high quality but also environmentally friendly.

In an effective cleaner, the microbial components will have no problem with breaking down debris to water and carbon dioxide to clean your carpets. In addition, the solution will not be corrosive and not stain your clothing, fabrics, carpet, and surfaces.

This page offers a look at some of the best odor and stain removers available for pet owners today.

Add Desirable Odors to Your Home

You can also remove pet odor simply by adding desirable smells to your living space.

For instance, consider using essential oils to get rid of pet odor by setting up an oil diffuser in your home. You can also set out fresh flowers and scented candles to combat your pooch odor.

Consider also simply opening your home’s windows to allow fresh air to flow into your home on a sunny day. Along with fresh air, the pleasant smells of your outdoor flowers or pine needles from your trees can easily keep your pet odor at bay long term.

Master How to Get Rid of Pet Odor Today

You love cuddling with your pooch, but you’re getting sick of his pooch perfume taking over your living space. If you’re tired of having your house smell like dog, it’s time to buckle down and eliminate that doggy body odor once and for all.

Follow the above-listed tips to finally get rid of pet odor in your home. In no time, you can start enjoying a fresher-smelling home even as you soak up those puppy hugs and kisses day after day.

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