How to Groom Your Persian Cat at Home?

How to Groom Your Persian Cat at Home?

Are you sick of those regular visits to pet grooming salons? Then don’t worry, we have found just the right solution for you.

Grooming sessions of a Persian cat are not easy at all. They come with such a hassle, plus the grooming services charge a big fee for it which a normal person can’t afford easily, especially if you are a parent to multiple cats.

Therefore, it’s better to groom your Persian cat at home and only take it to the grooming centers if it’s a necessity like if there are lots of tangles that you can’t handle. Other than that, there is no need to spend piles of money on your cat’s grooming, just follow the simple procedure given below, and you’ll be ready to groom your kitty at home like a pro in no time. So let’s begin.

Essential Supplies You’re Gonna need for Grooming

Let’s begin with the things you’re gonna need to groom your cat. Make sure you have all these essential supplies before starting the procedure.

  • Cat Shampoo
  • Cat Brush or Comb
  • Nail Clippers
  • Hair Trimmers
  • Cotton Balls or Q-tips
  • Pet Ear Cleaner
  • Tear Stain Remover (Eye Wash)
  • Styptic Blood Stopper
  • Coconut Oil

Starting the Grooming Process

Once you have all the supplies by your side, now it’s time to start the grooming process.

Step 1: Trimming the Nails

Start by trimming your cat’s nails. Make sure to calm down the cat before starting trimming, Persian cats are quite sensitive, therefore can get annoyed or afraid easily. So it’s better to make them feel comfortable before trimming.

Once the cat is calmed, start trimming. Press the cat’s paw, the nails will appear automatically. Gently trim the white part of the paw.

Don’t cut off the pink one as it’s gonna hurt your cat. And if you’ve accidentally cut off the pink part or the skin, then clean the blood from your cat’s paw with the help of a cotton ball and apply styptic powder to prevent blood loss. Don’t forget to give your cat small treats between the trimming sessions.

Step 2: Brushing the Fur

Once done with the nail trimming, now it’s time to brush and clean your Persian cat’s fur. Start by gently combing the cat. Combing the fur before brushing is better to thoroughly clean any debris or dust particles in the fur. Once done combing, detangle and thoroughly brush the cat’s fur. A few owners claim that their brush doesn’t work effectively. You can check these Persian cat brush reviews on Cathi’s website to find the best for your needs.

Step 4: Untangling the Tangles

If the tangles are tighter and cannot be loosened with a brush or comb, then you might need to exert more effort on this part. Trim the cat’s fur with a hair trimmer. Now apply a bit of coconut oil as a lubricant. Now start detangling the fur once again with the comb. Coconut oil will surely help loosen the tangles faster.

Step 5: Giving a Bath

Now it’s time to give your cat a thorough bath. The kitchen sink is the best place to do it. However, you can also go with the wash basin or tub. Place your cat in the sink or the tub and wet its fur thoroughly. Now apply the cat shampoo to its fur and start rubbing. Once you think that shampoo has reached the deepest parts, start washing the cat. Make sure to wash off any residues of shampoo as it can irritate the cat’s skin if left for a longer time.

Step 6: Doing Eyes, Ears, and Nose

Last but not the least, start doing your cat’s sensitive parts like that of ears, eyes, and nose. Start with the eyes, pour a few drops of eyewash on a cotton ball, and rub the outer part of your cat’s eye. Make sure the cleaner does not enter the eyes. Now start cleaning off the nose with a wet cotton ball, simply use water for this purpose no need for any specific cleaner. In the end, clean the cat’s ears with a Q-tip using this guide on wikihow.

Wet the Q-tip with ear cleaner and start rubbing all the curves of its ears. Now dry off your cat and your cat is ready to go.

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