How To Grow Your Brand at iFX EXPO Dubai 2022

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Everyone in the fintech industry has heard of the Dubai Expo. The iFX Expo Dubai was initially scheduled for 2020. However, the pandemic disturbed many plans, including the start of this Expo. And yet, the management decided to keep the 2020 tag for marketing purposes.

Hosting the latest tradeshow, Dubai welcomed the fintech world to the iFX Expo from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022. During the event, attendees came from more than 178 countries, and 30.3% were overseas.

Read this post to learn how to expand your brand by being part of the iFX Expo Dubai.

Why Partake in Expos?

International exposure brings nothing less than prospects, so making your brand known to a larger audience means having a leg up for future endeavors.

The iFX Expo Dubai 2022 was a superb chance for networking with B2B businesses, fintech goliaths, and other household names in the industry. Still, it was also an outstanding opportunity for entry-level fintech companies to spread their brand and make themselves known.

For example, expos are almost always attended by companies in the digital assets and blockchain industry, banks and payments, compliance and regulation, liquidity, technology, retail, brokerage, and many others.

According to the management, the 2022 Dubai Expo hosted over 24 million visitors during the 6-month-long expo season.

The forex expo Dubai 2022 was a gathering of professionals looking to expand their brands or mentor newbies in the business.

How to Expand Your Brand at the Next Expo?

Since the 2022 expo wrapped up, the next one will happen in Osaka, Japan, between April 13 and October 13, 2025. Seeing the magnitude of this gathering and the possibilities it holds, it’s never too early to prep for expanding your brand.

There are a number of options for your company to grow and expand during expo time, and knowing which one to use will give you a head start among the competitors.

Start Networking

Even before the Dubai Expo starts, you can start spreading the news on your brand by networking and establishing a presence. Turning online is a fine choice for networking because you can reach a broader audience on a global scale.

While at the Expo, sharing your brand’s information and details can attract new interests and connect to affiliates, further expanding your brand.

Become a Sponsor

Expos are the most fertile business grounds for finding and mentoring innovative businesses. Namely, the Japan Pavillion in the 2022 Dubai Expo had over 30 sponsors that worked with investors, traders, and potential partners.

Other sponsors included well-known names like the Emirates, Etisalat, Emaar Hospitality, and more. Each gathered participants’ attention, looking for partnerships and forex opportunities.

To become a sponsor at the next Dubai Expo, you can design and have your pavilion at the Expo, or you can talk to management and see how they can help.

Set Up a Booth

Whether you’re a start-up company looking to get recognition or an international business-savvy company working towards evolving its brand, setting up an expo booth will increase the chances of standing out from the crowd.

More than 100 booths at the 2022 Dubai Expo, not counting the super-sized, custom-made pavilions.

Holding an expo booth can be beneficial for handing out pamphlets with your brand’s info and future goals, showcasing your portfolio or any awards you might have won, or even offering on-the-spot testing of your brand’s main assets.

Go Digital

Expos are an excellent choice for appealing to a massive audience, and when that is paired with attention-grabbing visuals, the impact is significantly increased.

At the next Expo in 2025, display your content, brand values, and plans through eye-level screens that clearly state the company’s purpose and goals.

Hire the Right Staff

How well your brand will be represented can impact your overall brand identity, both positively and negatively. Since you’re looking to grow your brand, having a creative and skillful staff can help spread the word faster and more efficiently.

Your staff should be relatable to your brand, and how its members look is essential for creating the right brand identity with the audience. Instruct them to convey your brand’s message unambiguously so that the visitors of Expo Dubai get a clear picture of your brand.


Even though this year’s Expo is all wrapped up, you can still get a head start and be fully prepared for the next one in 2025. It’s not too soon to start exploring all the options for making a presence for your brand during the Dubai Expo in Japan.

From early networking to sponsoring and mentoring and hiring the right staff to build a fitting brand identity, you can participate in the following Dubai tradeshow fully confident that you have done your best to grow and expand your brand.

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