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How To Identify Packaging Font With An Artwork Font Finder

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While looking for your favorite product, you never focused on the font of the text, but if you see that particular font on something else you can relate it to the brand? Why does this happen? It is a part of package branding, that is why companies have a particular font to use. 

Packaging has an important role in selling products that’s why companies spend a lot of money on specially designed packaging for their clients. Packaging designs, material, fonts play an important role in that. But how fonts affect the packaging and the customers is an important question. 

The font has a lot of meaning that’s why we have so much variety of fonts available and you can even create your font style without any objection. Fonts can help a lot with your branding as it is really good in marketing for the product. 

Grab Attention

Different types of fonts can be used to grab the attention of buyers. Some funky kinds of fonts can be used for this purpose and are usually used on children’s products to make them look fun to the kids. 

Communicate The Message

Every company has some set of information that they share on your products. Fonts are used for that purpose so every needed information can be added to the product so that no issue occurs later. For example in dietary foods, companies mention the health benefits, components it includes so that health-conscious people buy them.

Distinct Your Brand From Other

Different companies use different fonts to become their trade fonts so it gets easy to identify the products and the company they want to buy products from. Also, there are many copy brands available in the market, according to government regulation you can’t directly copy everything from someone, and most of the time they use different products to do so. So if you keep in mind the fonts of original brands, you can keep yourself safe from frauds and duplicate products. 

How Fonts Affect the Purchase

There are various kinds of fonts available which are used for different purposes. In packaging use of fonts is well managed because fonts can attach emotionally and mentally to the customers. Based on emotion and its meaning, fonts were created that’s why you can see a variety of fonts being used in the market. There are many reasons for fonts to affect the purchase of the product. 

Psychological Influence

Have you ever seen the font used for the company “Rolex”? It is the serif font that gives the feeling of elegance and formality. It also looks royal and mature at the same time, it directly reflects the image of the company. 

Speaking of that many brands like Jockey which denote comfortable and quality products, non-serif fonts are used by them. It looks simple and minimal on the brand as well as up to date to the digital world. 


In this way, fonts attract the customer psychologically and if you use highly decorative fonts on such products it will result in negative feedback. It can impact the company in terms of sales and customer preference. 

Important Information Mentioning

You will never see the same font style and size of the product’s brand name and product name. It will always be different. The reason behind this is to show the hierarchy of the product. Also if you see the other details about the products which are mentioned on the backside, the font will be comparatively smaller and an easy-going font. The back information includes the product info like how to use it, what components it includes, company info, expiry and manufacturing date, etc. 


It is important to mention warnings about alcoholic beverages and smoking products in every country as the person should be aware of the bad impacts. 

For example, every alcoholic beverage should include this font above 3 mm size as “Don’t drink and drive”. Same with tobacco and smoking products includes the warning “Continuous usage can cause harmful infections”.

Artwork Font Finder And Its Benefits In The Packaging Process

Identify The Tool

If you have any kind of product whose font you want to extract or get the information about, you can easily access that by the artwork font finder. All you need to do is upload the file and let it scan by the packaging artwork management software. Once it’s done, it will provide all the fonts that are present in that particular file. It will make your process fast and accurate. 

Verification Of Font

To provide you any possible font you might require in your work, there are a lot of fonts created for you. But at the same time, it also creates some confusion as there’s a lot of similarity in them that you might miss while examining. In such situations, packaging artwork management software can help. It has the function of being able to distinguish between fonts pretty clearly so you won’t make any mistakes with that. 

Thorough Validation

While working on products it’s quite normal to face a situation like lack of time, multiple projects going on, not-so-detailed checking, and much more. For a situation like this where you are bound to time and need validation, this can be helpful. It will cover all the issues related to font readability, targets related to audience and company image, necessary guidelines. It will inform you about all the lacking parts without you making any effort and utilizing time for that. 


Fonts leave a different kind of impression like font serif are used for stability, classic or mature kind of brands, at the same time san serif is mostly used for magazines and advertising. To choose the proper font for your product you can use various font finders and packaging artwork management software. It will make your process much easier and accurate. 

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