How To Identify That The Formwork Hire Firm Is Genuine Or Not?

Formwork is a temporary structure used to support concrete structures until they have hardened enough and gained enough strength to support themselves. Formwork rental businesses play an essential role in the construction industry by providing contractors with equipment and support needed for successful project execution. However, not all formwork rental firms are created equal and it’s essential to identify genuine firms like Cassaform to ensure you receive high quality equipment, timely deliveries and support when you need it. In this blog we will look at some key indicators when assessing if a formwork hire firm is authentic or not.


When considering which formwork hire firm to utilize, reputation should be the cornerstone. A genuine firm will have developed an excellent track record over many years of providing high-quality equipment and services to contractors.

Reputation research can be accomplished in various ways, from reading online reviews and consulting referrals from other contractors to checking with industry bodies for track records and referrals. If a firm has an unfavorable standing among reviewers or is receiving many negative comments or complaints it should serve as a warning sign that they might not be legitimate business entities.

Equipment Quality

A key consideration when assessing a formwork rental firm’s legitimacy is their equipment quality. A genuine firm will have well-maintained equipment that complies with industry regulations, while they should offer different kinds of formwork for various projects (slab formwork, wall formwork or scaffolding).

Before renting equipment, it is vitally important to inspect it to ensure it satisfies your project requirements and meets them fully. A genuine firm should provide transparent details regarding their equipment’s condition as well as all of the necessary details that allow you to make an informed decision.

Service Quality

Service quality is another essential criterion to consider when determining whether a formwork hire firm is genuine. An authentic firm will have experienced and knowledgeable professionals available who can offer guidance in selecting equipment suitable for your project, timely communication and timely deliveries of their equipment.

Assessing a firm’s service quality involves speaking to their staff, reviewing their website for service offerings, or gathering references from previous clients. Unresponsiveness or insufficient expertise are telltale signs that this firm may not be genuine; so keep your guard up when selecting an adviser!


Price should always be taken into account when choosing a formwork hire firm, yet should never be the determining factor. A genuine firm will offer competitive prices that reflect their equipment and services accurately; if a price seems too good to be true it could be an indicator that they are cutting corners or using subpar equipment.

Before renting equipment, it’s wise to gather quotes from multiple firms so as to compare pricing and services. An honest business will be forthcoming about its pricing structure and provide a breakdown of any associated costs; any firm refusing to divulge pricing details or hiding fees could be signs that they may not be authentic.


Finally, safety should always be top of mind when selecting a formwork hire firm. A legitimate firm will prioritize safety by making sure their equipment complies with industry safety standards and regulations as well as provide training and support so contractors using their equipment are aware of potential safety hazards and how best to use them safely.


Before hiring equipment, it’s essential to verify its compliance with all safety standards and receive training on its use. Any firm which prioritizes safety over other concerns is likely not genuine and should be avoided.

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