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How to Install a Doorbell: The Main Things to Do

How to Install a Doorbell

Are you looking to replace your busted doorbell?

Aside from choosing from the different types of doorbells, you must deal with the installation process. Doorbell installation can be tricky if you have no skills. Otherwise, incorrect installation can pose fire hazards.

Never risk going blind unless you hire experts to do it for you. If you wish to learn how to install a doorbell correctly, continue reading below:

Prepping the Materials

After buying a doorbell, prepare the following tools:

  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Current detector

Use the drill and drill bits to mount the doorbell against concrete, brick, or stone. Also, learning how to install a doorbell includes prioritizing safety.

Check your wires. Ideally, the 18-gauge variants are perfect for doorbells. These wires protect you from electric shock.

How to Install a Doorbell with Wires

A wired doorbell comes with three key components: Doorbell switches or buttons, a transformer, and chimes. Contractors install wired doorbells when building a house.

The new doorbell transformer lowers the standard 120 volts into 24 volts. It ensures a safer and easier installation.

Turn off the doorbell power from the breaker box. If you have an existing transformer, remove the current components.

Attach the low-voltage wires to the new chime. Use the screwdriver to return the screws. Follow the manual for the installation.

Turn on the breaker and test the doorbell if it works.

How to Install a Wireless Doorbell

If you have no existing doorbell installation, a wireless doorbell is your best bet. You can install it anywhere without wiring concerns. Switching to wireless doorbells is easy, even with an existing wired doorbell.

When choosing a wireless doorbell, go for a wireless distance of anywhere between 700 and 1,200 feet.

Locate the front door casing to house the wireless doorbell. Attach the plate carrying the button unit or doorbell switch. Snap the unit until it clicks into place.

Look for the nearest indoor power outlet. Plug the chime box receiver and test it out.

If you decide to remove the old one, turn off the breaker. Remove the old button unit and wrap the two leftover wires. Use electrical tape to wrap the wires. Tuck them safely back into the wall.

Installing a Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells come in both wired and wireless versions. The latter uses a rechargeable battery.

Smart doorbells have features like intercom capabilities, motion sensors, and cameras. Hence, they cost at least $150. It allows you to monitor the doorbell even if you’re not home.

Regardless, hook them up with your PC or smartphone. Install the button unit in your preferred area. Sync the unit with your Wi-Fi router and to your laptop or smartphone.

Update Your Home Systems Now

Now you know how to install a doorbell, find the right type for your home. Determine your requirements and get them from a reputable source.

However, installing a doorbell is not the only thing you should learn. Learn how to update different home systems and equipment.

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