How to Keep Your Dogs Engaged Everyday

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While the pandemic has been tough on most people, our pets have really enjoyed quality time with us because we have been cooped up at home. This does not mean you can give them all the time, as most people are working from home now. Thereby, it becomes more important to engage your dog as they will disturb you while you work if they are not kept busy. Great sources like We Love Doodles give you all the information you need to understand your dog breed temperament and what works best for different dogs.

Here are a few simple tips that will keep your dog busy every day.

  1. Use a Dog Puzzle Game:

There are different dog puzzle games available in the market that help to develop dog problem-solving skills. Some puzzles like wobbler need your dog to push the toy around for the treat to fall out. Others need your dog to slide a few blocks around to reveal the hidden treats. Not just treats, you can feed your dog one meal out of these puzzle games every day as dogs love to seek their food. If your dog does not enjoy its dog food, getting these puzzles is a great way to encourage them to enjoy their mealtime. This also helps them burn their energy physically and mentally, making them tired. This particularly helps if you have a high-energy dog at home.

  1. Make Use of Lick Toys:

It has been researched that licking helps in keeping the dog less anxious. You can make lick mats by spreading peanut butter or filling a Kong toy. Use these toys in situations where your dog can get anxious, like when you leave them alone at home, or you take them for a bath. Slowly licking will make them more awesome dog rucksack carrier about the situation.

  1. Hide Treats:

Before you leave for work, hide your dog’s treat around the house. This will keep them occupied for hours, and they will also enjoy that time. Do not hide treats in the same spot. Hide them in different spots. Keep your home clean otherwise, as the dog may eat anything it finds on the floor.

  1. Use Snuffle Mats:

Feeding your dogs can be converted into an opportunity every time. Do not use the normal dog bowl, but feed the dog using a slow feeder or a snuffle mat, which needs the dog to use its sniffing ability to search for the kibbles. This will improve their sniffing sense, mentally stimulate them and also make them seek their food. This means the dog becomes tired easily and will become relaxed after the meal.

  1. Turn on the Television:

Your dog can get lonely while you are away. Turning on the television can actually help in easing separation anxiety. There are dog channels that are meant to do that. You can also switch on a kid’s channel or something that showcases nature. Avoid any animal channel, as it may aggravate your dog.

  1. Create a Window Seat:

Dogs love to watch outside, and they can do it for hours. Especially when you are not at home or busy working from home, they may get bored, which is a great way to pass their time. Dogs love the outdoors, but you cannot take them out for long durations when busy. A spot meant to gaze outside is the perfect way for your pooch to pass the time when bored. Add bedding to the spot, which is cozy and comfortable for your dog to lie down rather than making them stand up to see the window.

  1. Get a Pool:

Most dogs love to swim as they are natural swimmers. It is always fun to swim, and dogs really enjoy it. A kiddie pool is the best time to spend some fun time with your pooch. It may not be deep enough for your dog to swim, but they will love to splash inside the fool and play there. You can toss some treats inside to encourage them to use the pool. As they get comfortable, you may find it tough to get them out.

  1. Create an Artificial Lawn:

Use artificial lawn inside the home to give your pooch the effect of being in a garden. If your dog loves to fetch, but you cannot take it out much, you can also play it at home. Playing fetch on tiles is not a great idea as your dog may slip and injure itself. Instead, you can use carpets on the floor or better get a tool of artificial grass to create the garden play effect at home in a long corridor.

  1. Install a Doggy Door:

If you have a fenced yard, you will have to open the door repeatedly to let your dog use the area. Installing a doggy door means your dog becomes independent to use the area while you are at work. This will keep them occupied for hours. Ensure there is nothing dangerous outside that will hurt your dog. Your backyard should be extremely secure so that the dog cannot escape.

  1. Get Them Interactive Toys:

Dogs love their tips and can be busy playing with their favorite ones for hours. Anything squeaky always engages them. Many dogs find comfort in carrying along with their favorite bear when left alone. Introduce them to toys at an early age, and they will love to play with them. You can get a few tug toys to enjoy playtime with your dog as well. Ensure to check their toys every time they play with them so that they do not swallow anything dangerous like rubber.

The Bottom Line:

Dogs need to be engaged most of the day so that they utilize all their pent-up energy. Currently, you may be working from home, but when your office restarts, you will have to leave them home alone. This means they need to be occupied with something or the other to keep them busy while you are away, and you have to keep them active when you are home so that they get tired. This will help them relax when you go out, and they will not exhibit any negative behavior.

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