How To Learn Online: A Complete Guide

Taking An Online Class? Follow These Tips to Make the Most Out of Your E-Learning Experience 

Online education: how to gain knowledge in the age of digitalization?

Knowledge in our time is the most valuable product. In the conditions of dynamic labor market change, the need to improve the level of qualification or even radically change the specialty is significant. The main goal of most – to make learning flexible and mobile, did not take much time but gave maximum results. And here, as always, the Internet comes in handy. Online education is gaining momentum. In addition, during the quarantine, all institutions were forced to go online. Distance learning is often not a human choice but a forced event. Distance education is not about a photo of a textbook on Viber, not about a task in a messenger. It is not so easy to build quality distance education. It is not just an online replication of the offline format. And this is probably the most difficult. Today, almost everyone carries in their pockets the knowledge of the world. People can learn new things every second, understand and improve. Humankind has received many opportunities but does not enjoy them to the fullest. There is a large flow of information on the Internet, but not everyone can find it. Online learning ensures the following advantages:

  • Access to the programs of the world’s best teachers: online education provides an opportunity to learn from those who are far away.
  • The latest information, technologies, and theories: the material of online courses is updated more dynamically than offline programs.
  • Tuition is free or more affordable than full-time university tuition.
  • Opportunity to study anywhere and anytime.
  • Ability to combine different formats and approaches to learning.

The best resources for online learning

The IT market offers the following reliable solutions to organize the efficient distant learning process:

  1. Moodle is the oldest site in the whole era of distance education. A huge advantage of the platform is the vast experience of authors and developers in conducting training in an online format – it is perfect for users. Many tools are available here, which is even difficult to imagine. Here you can create small meetings-seminars and classes with students, where you can create your curriculum and program with laboratory work and workshops. Of the pros, we can note sufficient stability under enormous loads on this system.
  2. Zoom is a service for videoconferencing, seminars, and online lessons. In addition to video communication, participants have the opportunity to exchange messages and files with each other because Zoom is also a messenger. If you had to gather for a meeting in one office during office work, then with the service, you can hold the same meetings, but online, regardless of the distance between employees.
  3. Coursera is an educational project that offers its students hundreds of free online courses in various subjects from leading American universities. Upon successful completion, the student receives a certificate of course completion.
  4. EdX is a free online platform for mass open interactive courses founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, where you can listen to various interactive courses. It organizes its countless training programs according to user requests.
  5. Learning apps. Designing interactive tasks allows you to conveniently and quickly create interactive electronic exercises, promoting activity, independence, efficiency, the connection of theory with practice, a combination of collective and individual forms of educational work, and more.

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