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How to maintain children’s clothing

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In children’s clothing selection, we should not only choose good quality, safe and environmentally friendly, strong and durable, but also learn how to maintain. As we all know, children’s skin is delicate and their resistance is very weak. Proper care of clothes can avoid bringing harm to your child’s skin and provide strong security for your child’s health. So how do we take care of children’s clothing When wholesale childrens clothing From Clothing Vendors?

  • Before washing for the first time, please soak your newly purchased clothes in an appropriate amount of salt water for 20 minutes. This is a good way to prevent fading of dark-colored clothes even after multiple washes.
  • Washing clothes in hot water or soaking them for too long is the main reason for fading. So the washing water temperature of clothes should not exceed 40 ℃, and soaking time should not exceed 20 minutes.
  • Laundry detergent with bleach or excessive use of concentrated laundry detergent is the main culprit in causing clothes fading, to pay special attention. To choose a detergent without fluorescent powder is appropriate.
  • After washing the clothes with light and dark colors, please use the washing machine to spin and dry immediately. Avoid deformation of sweater fabric after washing please dry flat. For sweaters that are easily felted, please make sure to dry clean them.
  • Please wash dark or printed clothes separately from light colored clothes to avoid floating colors or staining.
  • To avoid damaging the print on the surface of the garment, please wash it on the reverse side. Do not scrub or brush for a long time when washing by hand. Avoid fading caused by exposure to the sun, please hang in a cool and ventilated place to dry.
  • If you do not wear the clothes for a long time, please put them in a plastic bag and seal them. Avoid storing in a dark, humid or sunny place. Please make sure to put dehumidifier in the closet to avoid moldy and yellowing or fading of clothes.


Again high-grade clothes, should pay attention to the washing method, in order to avoid being dyed, color loss, pilling, being wound deformation and other problems, pay attention to the clothing washing method not only makes the child wear more safe and comfortable, but also ensures the durability of the clothing, so that the child can wear for a longer time.

In addition to the maintenance of children’s clothing Wholesale in bulk, we also need to pay extra attention to the daily cleaning of children’s clothing. The following cleaning and maintenance methods are worth learning for all new parents.

Children’s clothing cleaning essential knowledge:

  • First wash and then wear

Newly purchased clothing needs to be cleaned, especially underwear and baby clothes. Formaldehyde is easily soluble in water, after washing can greatly reduce its content. In addition, the new clothes placed for a period of time before wearing, such practices can also make part of the formaldehyde volatilization off.

Also buy back new clothes should be placed for a week or two before wearing, so that some of the formaldehyde volatilization, reduce the harm caused by formaldehyde.

  • Worn on the wash.

Can not be put through the clothes and clean clothes mixed together. Even if it is only worn once, the child’s clothes should be washed and dried before being put back into the closet.

  • Separate washing.

Baby’s clothes should be washed separately from adult’s. Generally speaking, adult clothes are covered with more bacteria, and washing them at the same time can cause bacteria to attach to baby clothes. These bacteria may not be a big threat to adults, but children have poor resistance and are more susceptible to infection. It is recommended that you prepare a special laundry tub to wash your child’s underwear separately.

  • Special detergent.

The special detergent for children will be higher in price, but it is more suitable for children and will not harm their skin, cause allergies, etc. If there is no special detergent, you can use soap instead. Pay attention to washing instructions in accordance with the product label, such as the proportion of dilution, soaking time and so on.

  • Reject the use of detergents, bleach.

There are some detergents that say they can remove bacteria and bleach, mothers will ask: Is it better to add these things in the laundry? The answer is wrong. Both germ remover and bleach are not good for children’s growth.

  • Rinsing clean.

Washing the stains off the top of the clothes does not complete the real task of washing. I recommend that after washing the stains the clothes need to be washed repeatedly with water to clean any detergent or soap left on the clothes. Some residual detergent may be more harmful to children.

  • Compartmentalized storage.

Divide your child’s closet into an underwear section and an outerwear section. Use clean bags to store your child’s underwear to keep it neat and sanitary. Refuse to put insect repellents, mothballs, scented packs, etc. in your child’s closet as this may cause skin irritation. Do not put your child’s clothes in the bottom drawer as this can easily cause moisture.

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