How to maintain Jewelry

How to maintain Jewelry

Jewelry is a gift that can last for a lifetime if it is treated and maintained with care. Remember the person who gave you the jewelry took great care when selecting the item they chose for you.

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If you have expensive or treasured jewelry you need to know how to care for it to ensure it remains in a beautiful condition, especially if you enjoy wearing it often. Even durable pieces of jewelry require suitable care. Consistently caring for precious pieces means that they may become family heirlooms.

People who do not take care of their jewelry will find that they lose their luster and then cannot be passed along to family as heirlooms. Keeping your jewelry clean can save you money as the jewelry is always ready to wear and sparkling.

Storing your jewelry – Store your jewelry in a clean dry place. Place your jewelry in a soft cloth-lined jewelry box to prevent scratches or dents, with each piece wrapped individually in a soft cloth or tissue paper to avoid scratching or other damage.

When dressing – In order to avoid that your jewelry gets entangled with your dress or hair, put the jewelry on last. When undressing, take the jewelry off first.

Wearing Jewelry in Extreme weather

If you have to go out in extreme weather, do not wear your jewelry. But if you are going out for an important dinner, place the jewelry in your purse and once you get to the venue, go to the bathroom and put it on there. If you are going to the beach, skiing, or participate in any other adventurous sport or activity, rather leave your jewelry at home.

Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, or Sauna

Chemicals used in a swimming pool and jacuzzi and even the chemicals used to clean a sauna can damage your jewelry. Leave it safely in your jewelry box at home before you damage it.

If you own expensive Jewelry inspect it often

Make a concerted effort to check your expensive jewelry often so that you can see if there is a buildup of dirt and grime. This will also help you to discover any loose or damaged hooks or links before it breaks.

Take damaged Jewelry to the Jeweler

Do not try and repair jewelry yourself. If you have unwittingly damaged a part of your jewelry, take it to the jeweler for professional repairs as soon as possible. Do not clean damaged jewelry as it might cause further damage to the piece.

How often should jewelry be cleaned?

This depends on a number of factors:

  • The type of jewelry

Most jewelry requires regular cleaning, but some jewelry requires it more frequently, for example, an engagement ring with a semi-mounted stone will require cleaning more often than an ordinary ring. It is best to ask the jeweler when you buy it what type of cleaning it requires and how often it should be cleaned.

  • Daily use

There is everyday jewelry and there is jewelry that remains in the jewelry box. An engagement ring that you wear daily when you go to work and at home will need cleaning more regularly than a necklace or pendant that you wear on special occasions.

  • Exposing your Jewelry

There are pieces that you love to wear and love people to see. This is a wonderful thing, but the jewels are exposed to dirt and the elements. For example, your wedding ring is on your finger every day. Do you take it off when you wash your hands with soap? The soap can dim the luster of the metal and the gemstone, so it will need regular cleaning.

  • Daily, Weekly or Occasional Cleaning

Choosing a cleaning regimen for your jewelry is up to you as you know how regularly you wear these pieces. Make sure you follow the jeweler’s DIY instructions when cleaning your jewelry at home.

  • Keep Jewelry away from acidic cleaners

To clean your jewelry, use a mild soapy water and a soft brush. Thoroughly dry the jewelry before putting it away.

If you think that all this is too much work that will take up too much of your precious time, just think of how happy and proud your children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren will be to show it off as an heirloom one day in the distant future!

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