How to make your crush jealous?

Getting the attention of the person you love can be difficult. You want them to notice you, but you don’t want to risk being embarrassed if you get too strong. If you want your crush to care more about you, you can try to make them jealous.

Flirting with someone else

Talking about other potential dates. When your crush is there, chat with potential rivals, including their friends. Keep the conversation informal so that the person you’re flirting with doesn’t ask you out.

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Make sure you don’t pounce on others.

If you are asked to date your crush’s friend, you may become unapproachable to your crush due to the friend’s loyalty.

Laugh at the other person’s jokes. 

No matter if you think something is funny, laughing is a key part of flirting. It also shows your crush that you have a good sense of humor and that you’re fun to be around.

Know your worth. 

If you want to make someone jealous you have to know why you are strong as a person. People will treat you the way you let them, so set high standards for yourself. Perhaps, you may be thinking to write a letter to her or him but make sure it has some worth. Remember that you have the greatest value as anyone and deserve to be well treated.

Put on your favorite dress.

When you know you’re going to be with the person you love, choose clothes that make you stand out and reflect who you are. In addition to looking your best, you will impart more self-confidence because when you feel good it projects those positive thoughts out into the world.

You own the room. 

Wherever you are you pretend to have a party and you need to see and talk to everyone. Not only will you look confident, but your crush will have to notice you because you will be flying like a social butterfly. Greet everyone.

Talk to everyone before the event ends.

Set time limits on how much time you spend in the same place or talk to the same people. For example, after 15 minutes, you might find an excuse to leave.

Tell them you have plans. 

Even if you are not busy, give the impression that you are. You want your crush to think that everyone wants a chunk of your time because they’ll be jealous that you don’t spend that time with them.

If you are not speaking directly to the person you love, announce your plans to the group.

Don’t text them when you’re out.

You cannot show them attention when you are with others or focused on something fantastic. While it can be tempting to text a photo or comment to show how cool and busy you are, it’s best to wait until you’re home to share.

If you receive a message from your loved one while you are away, wait for them to answer you, even if they ask you what you are doing. If you keep asking yourself questions, you’re more likely to be jealous of those who hold your attention.

Go out with your friends. 

When you’re with your friends, accomplish two goals to make your crush jealous. Spending time with people who aren’t your crush, and showing how fun you are. When your crush realizes that you don’t expect him to like you, he’s more likely to want you more.

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