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How to Naturally Get Rid of Ants in The House?

An everyday household nuisance is ants. The majority of homeowners experience an ant problem occasionally. Nobody enjoys living with bugs, whether a trail of small black ants leading to the kitchen or big carpenter ants nesting on your deck.

The fact that ants can consume almost anything and live almost everywhere contributes to their abundance. They are finding out how you can prevent ants from your home in the first place. Contact ant control Sydney if you find it tough to handle an ant infestation on your own. 

Naturally, Get Rid of Ants 

You have an ant infestation. What’s your plan of action? Here are a few natural home solutions for ant control.

  • Detergents

Ants can be discouraged from entering your home using household detergents like hand soap, glass cleaner, or liquid detergent. Keep in mind that since ants have poor vision, they navigate by following the enticing pheromone trails they leave in their wake.

Fortunately, regular detergent gets rid of these remnants and keeps ants away. For best results, scrub the surface with soapy water and detergent. You can apply the same principles to store-bought glass cleaners.

  • Pepper

Ants always use their sense of smell to navigate, and they do not enjoy the smell of pepper. To prevent pests from entering your home, place ground black or red pepper beneath appliances and around baseboards.


  • White vinegar

If you notice ants in your home, prepare a solution with an equal quantity of vinegar and water and use it to wipe the ants away.

This kills any ants that are already there and prevents the development of new ants by leaving a prolonged vinegar odor that functions as a natural ant repellant.

  • Salt

Salt can be an effective natural ant killer when used properly. When you find ants, spray a solution of a cup of Epsom salt and water straight onto them for optimum effects.The salt will kill the ants by dehydrating them without harming undesired species.

  • Cornstarch 

Cornstarch, which you likely already have in your kitchen, works well to kill ants. You have two options for dealing with ants: coat them in cornstarch and vacuum them up, or sprinkle water on top of the cornstarch-covered ants.

  • Lemons or Oranges

Ants are poisoned by the compound d-limonene, which can be found in citrus fruits and, more specifically, in the rinds of oranges and lemons. Instead of discarding those orange peels, keep them and use them to build a homemade ant repellent.

  • Essential Oils

The use of essential oils can effectively prevent ants from entering your home.

Spray the mixture around your house’s baseboards, windows, and doors with a few drops of essential oil for optimum benefits.


We are aware that ant infestations can be annoying and problematic. Thankfully, you don’t have to cope with it alone!At pest inspections Brisbane, they work with both businesses and homeowners, and they specialize in handling difficult pest infestations and assisting you in returning to normal living. 

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