How to optimize your Instagram profile for business

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If you are using Instagram to promote your business, you need a profile that is optimized for maximum impact. Instagram offers plenty of ways to connect with your audience, but if you’re not maximizing what you post by optimizing it for business purposes, then all is lost.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Instagram, it is a free photo-sharing app that allows people to follow others and see their posts in a timeline. A user chooses the people they want to follow, which is usually just people they already know in real life. For businesses, this can be a good way to connect with potential customers and create brand awareness. Additionally, business owners can use Instagram to post photos relating to their products or services.

This guide was created for business owners or anyone looking to get the most out of their Instagram accounts. The focus is on optimizing your profile to get more likes, followers, and engagement.

In my experience as a social media manager, I have found that many of the people using Instagram had no idea how to optimize their accounts for business. What’s worse, many of the accounts that were taken over by businesses did not have any interaction with the buyers. I wanted to make a guide that would help business owners or marketers see what they need to do to successfully use this platform.

Tips on optimizing your Instagram profile for business: 

  1. Decide on your Instagram goal.
  2. Create a personalized bio that reflects the meaning of your company or brand.
  3. Add relevant hashtags in your bio and around the main image on your profile page, so people can find you easily when you post new content to Instagram.
  4. Engage with people in comments and stories, while also establishing some interesting authentic interactions on other users’ stories who might be potential customers or followers of your product or service. 
  5. Add a tag to your profile picture so people know your account is personal, and not a marketing tool.
  6. Use Instagram photos to increase brand awareness of your brand through quality images that explain why you are different from other brands/companies operating in the same space as you.
  7. Engage with other users’ Instagram Stories, which are full of potential customers and followers who may be interested in your product or service.
  8. Add some innovative content (which is like posts on your main profile page) that shows customers things they haven’t seen before, or unique artwork or photography posted by you to encourage engagement in your stories with people who may be interested in what you do and how you do it.
  9. Use Instagram stories to increase brand awareness by posting quality images that explain why you are different from other brands/companies.
  10. Use Instagram to drive traffic to your website, and increase sales for products and services.
  11. Use Instagram stories to increase brand awareness of your brand through quality images that explain why you are different from other brands/companies operating in the same space as you.
  12. Use Instagram stories to engage with customers by asking them questions about how they use your product or service, what has worked for them in the past, let them show off their results, etc.
  13. Use Instagram stories to trigger your ideal customers’ emotions to make them feel something, such as sadness, excitement, etc.
  14. Use Instagram stories to ask for feedback when you submit your products/services or about related testimonials that you’re providing for free or for a low cost to increase your own potential client base and customer base.
  15. Using Instagram stories to reach out to customers who have expressed a desire and need for what you sell but don’t know they want it yet (and thus not ready and willing to buy immediately). This allows them the opportunity to hear from you and sometimes buy at that point, while also increasing sales of your products/services since they saw the post and were compelled by it.


In conclusion, Instagram can be used for many things, including marketing the business. There are a few tools that can help the company increase its number of followers and likes on the platform.

Factors such as image quality, creativity, promotional ideas, and more essential to increase the number of followers on Instagram are what owners of companies must consider when using Instagram.

Furthermore, to have a successful Instagram account it is necessary to offer new and interesting content that attracts wide attention from followers. It is also important to provide customers with quality products that they are not able to find in other shops or online stores. 

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