How to order medicines online

Essential Tips For Buying Medicine Online

There’s no surprise that India is one of the most Covid-19 suffered Countries all over the world. With 31,174,322  total Covid-19 cases and 414,513 deaths, India has become the second most suffered Country. (Worldometer on coronavirus)

With so much suffering caused by the second wave, the third wave hitting India by the August end is considered more dangerous than the first and second waves.

According to the health ministry of India, the third wave of Covid-19 isn’t inevitable and can be prevented with people’s support.

For you to be safe from the Coronavirus, staying home as much as possible is the most crucial and reluctant task. The need for fruits & vegetables, groceries, and medicines cannot be avoided, even during the spread of Coronavirus.

There are many apps available for buying medicine online and grocery online. One such online medicine delivery app is Truemeds.

Truemeds, an online medicine delivery app that helps you order medicines online with just a click on your phone.

Why should you order medicines online from Truemeds?

Convenient: Truemeds is an easy way of buying medicine online and delivers the medicines to your doorstep.

Time-saving: The online medicine delivery app of Truemeds makes it a minute job for you to order medicines online without compromising your busy schedule.

Cost-effective: Truemeds helps you save money by reducing the cost of your medicines by up to 72%.

Customer service: You can easily return or exchange the medicines with Truemeds. The online medicine delivery app provides you with a guaranteed full refund.

Safer alternative: During the pandemic of covid-19, buying medicine online has become a safer alternative.

Less shortage: During the pandemic, a shortage of medicines became a common issue in every local pharmacy and made the situation more critical. Truemeds offers medicines from  30 different drug manufacturers, which makes the chances of shortage less.

How to order medicines online from Truemeds?

Buying medicine online from Truemeds is an easy and safer alternative.

  • Download the app:

Go to the Play Store or the Appstore on your mobile phone and install the app of Truemeds. On the Play Store, the online medicine delivery app has been rated 4.1 stars and 4.7 on the Appstore.

  • Search option:

To order medicines online on the app, go to the search option and search for the medicines or healthcare products you are looking for. There are tonnes of medicines and healthcare products to choose from.

  • Upload your prescription:

If you have the prescription of the same medicines or have a hard time understanding the names, you can easily upload the picture of the prescription and let the app do the work.

Click a picture of your prescription with good visibility and upload it on your app. A valid paper prescription or an electronic prescription from a certified general practitioner is required before dispensing specific medicines.

  • Consult the doctor:

As soon as you upload your prescription, doctors of Truemeds contact you and help you with the generic alternatives to the branded medicines mentioned.

The online medicine delivery app of Truemeds has several certified doctors who can consult you about your illnesses and allergies. These doctors will provide you the prescription and any other health information keeping your health in mind.

  • Checkout:

After the prescription is uploaded, medicines will be automatically added to your cart.

For payment, an option of cash on delivery and other options are available for your convenience while checking out.

  • Returns & refunds:

Medicines delivered to you will be from well-known good quality brands with no issue of being expired, diluted or fake.

In case of a mistake:

  • Ordered medicines are easily returnable.
  • Money is easily refundable.
  • Help services are always available to you.

Now, you know how to order medicines online from Truemeds.

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