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How to Organize Your Writing Workplace for Better Productivity?

Bloggers often have productivity issues, but they must create, generate, improve, and distribute excellently written content for the consumption of their readers. Even the super-popular bloggers are on the lookout for ways to boost their productivity levels. Unknown to them, the solution is right in their workstations.

Some writers may reason out that the messier their tables are, the more inspired they are to churn out content. It may be true that they are more productive when they have distractions in the workspace, but they are an exception. Many bloggers perform better in a neat writing space.

The Two-Zone Room

Neil Patel suggested the two-zone strategy in one of his articles for to gain maximum productivity. He recommended dividing the room into computer and non-computer areas. The computer zone must include the laptop or desktop for thinking and writing blog posts. On the other hand, the non-computer zone can be an area without any table and computer. This part of the room is where bloggers can relax and do other kinds of stuff except writing.

Organizing the Computer Zone

If you are a writer, you can organize your computer area this way:

Writing Table

You can keep your desk neat and clean without any other things that are not essential to your blogging activities. You must have a computer and lamp. An excellent add-on can be a cup of your favorite tea or coffee to help you focus and become productive. A live plant can also serve as an inspiration and decoration.


You spend most of your time sitting; therefore, you need a comfortable chair that supports your back.


Desktops can offer a bunch of help for your blogging activating, and having an all-in-one computer can get rid of a few wires and making your workspace uncluttered. You may want to synchronize it with your other devices too.

Organizing a Non-Computer Zone

Your non-computer area must be cozy and comfortable because you will use it when you want to relax and think of blogging ideas. You can try these tips when you want to create a helpful zone for work and relaxation:

Wall Color

You can use blue and green for the color of your workspace wall because they boost your efficiency and are soothing to the eyes. Dull colors like beige, gray, or white do not help draw out your creative juices at all.


If you want a boost in your productivity, you may opt for 3500K – 4000K cold lights to stimulate your brain, but if you prefer to go to your non-computer zone to prepare to hit the sack or relax; your best option will be 2700K to 3000K warm lights.

Pictures, Books, and Other Inspiring Things

You go to your non-computer zone for a boost of inspiration; thus, you can add some things to motivate and inspire you. You may opt to hang some photos, funny quotes, or pictures. You can also put some of your must-read books on the shelf and pick one up during your lull time from writing.

Some Tips to Further Boost Your Productivity

Aside from dividing your workspace into the computer and non-computer zones, you can check these suggestions if you need a boost to your productivity:

Avoid Writing in Bed

You can claim to be a free spirit; thus, an excuse to write in bed. You love your cozy cot and may think that you get a boost of creativity whenever you are in it. However, you do not get anything creative while lying or sitting in bed because your brain will be lazy to churn out new ideas.

Your brain knows that your bed is an area for relaxation. It will not help you concentrate on your blogging. The kitchen table is also not a conducive area for work. You must have a specific area that your brain will recognize as your workspace.

Avoid Clutter

Writers are creative people, and some think that clutter is a must-have. However, it affects your productivity because you need scheduling and order if you prefer to get your work done. You must store your documents away in your desk drawers or shelves if you wish to escape from writer’s block.

Learn to Prioritize and Stick to the Plan

You can start your day with a list of things that you must accomplish. Your to-do list can include your projects in order of their priority. You must begin with the first task and go down the list one by one. Moreover, you can calendar all your jobs, so you do not miss anything.


Writers are creative people because they weave words that touch the hearts and minds of their readers. If you need a boost in your productivity, you must ensure that you organize your workspace. Dividing your room into computer and non-computer zones is a surefire strategy to get more writings done. Writing in bed is a big no-no, too. Ensuring that your workplace is clutter-free can help summon your muses. Lastly, you must plan and prioritize your projects to keep your deadlines.

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