How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Did you know that over two million Americans get married each year?

While weddings are always called the big day, anniversaries are just as important. This day gives you time to reflect on your journey and marvel at how much your love has continued to grow since that day.

One of the nicest ways you can commemorate your bond is to get flowers. If you need help picking out the perfect wedding anniversary flowers, keep reading for 5 effective tips.

  1. Learn About Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Year

Not many people know that each anniversary year has a unique flower pairing. For example, first wedding anniversary flowers are carnations.

Whether you decide to get a full bouquet of your specific wedding anniversary flowers or include them in a nice mix of flowers, your partner is sure to appreciate the sentimentality.

  1. Consider Your Color Options

It should come as no surprise now to learn that each wedding year has a unique color pairing as well. Since lots of types of flowers can be grown in different colors, you could have the option of pairing the flower and color to match your anniversary.

If you’re in need of 50th wedding anniversary flowers, you should opt for rich yellow hues to reflect the golden theme.

  1. Think About Personal Meaning

Sometimes the best flowers for an anniversary are the ones that hold the most meaning to you and your partner. From the flowers you gave on the first date to the ones that traveled down the aisle, you can take inspiration from these special flowers throughout your history as a couple.

If your partner has a favorite type of flower, then you can show them how well you know them by including them, too. Also check out tablecloth linens.

  1. Work With a Talented Florist

If you’re still having trouble turning your vision into reality, then working with professionals will take the stress out of your shopping experience. Since creating a well-rounded bouquet yourself can be challenging, it’s important to work with a florist who has a great reputation.

In addition to their expertise, you can score other perks like doorstep delivery and more.

  1. Don’t Forget to Pair Your Flowers With a Sweet Card

No anniversary bouquet would be complete without a thoughtful card that’s straight from your heart. You can write out your own card and attach it to the arrangement or work with a florist who can print a stunning customized card for you.

Choosing Wedding Anniversary Flowers Can Be a Breeze

Whether you’re shopping for your first or 25th wedding anniversary flowers, it’s important to make an impact on your partner. By following this guide on wedding anniversary flowers, you’ll be able to express your love in a beautiful way.

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