How to Plan a Camping Trip You’ll Never Forget

How to Plan a Camping Trip You'll Never Forget

There is abundant research that backs up the benefits of getting back to nature! With the current state of the world encouraging us to stay inside, we should never forget that we nature-born creatures.

Have you thought about reconnecting with your wild side?

Well, there are many things to consider when thinking about how to plan a camping trip. Each person will get different things out of nature. Thinking about what those things are can help you organize an unforgettable break.

So, here are some camping trip essentials to ensure that your return to the wild is one to remember!

Best Places to Go Camping

When you picture camping, what comes to mind? Most likely your vision will fall into two categories: public or private camping. Both have their pros and cons depending on the type of experience you want.

If you prefer a raw, minimalistic type of camping and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, go for public camping. If you prefer having a more resort-like experience, private camping may be your flavor.

But within those categories, experiences and quality vary greatly, so be sure to check the reviews before making a decision.

How Long to Go Camping

If you would consider yourself a camping novice, you may want to consider a short period. After all, it’s always better to leave while wanting to stay than staying while wanting to leave!

If you are planning a family camping trip, it’s also important to consider the personalities of your household especially if you have young children! If you want to encourage camping as a habit, ensure that your vacations are based on quality over quantity.

Why not start with a weekend; Friday morning to Sunday evening, for instance, and increase a day or two on your next trips? This will allow you to ease into things, rather than getting overwhelmed.

Things to Bring Camping

Depending on the type of experience you want, you may want to make a camping checklist. If you have a family or a lot of hobbies, you may want to make two: one for essentials and the other entertainment items.

Your essentials checklist should naturally contain items that would affect your health if you didn’t have them with you. Items like food, clothing, first aid, camping utensils, and cleaning products would all fit in that category.

Entertainment, however, is a little more subjective. For example, are you planning a digital detox? Well, your checklist might consist items like of books, board games, and sports gear.
Instead, why not buy a pair of ice skates from a company like and participate in one of the most traditional winter sports — skating? This can be a really relaxing and enjoyable activity.

But not every camping trip has to be a lesson in Luddism. You may want to catch up on music, shows, and videogames that you’re usually too busy to get into during your daily schedule.

If that’s the case you may want to include the appropriate devices and a good power source on your checklist. If you are feeling lost about how to power your tech out in the wild, why not check out this Jackery 1000 Review.

One Final Thought on How to Plan a Camping Trip

When considering how to plan a camping trip, one last thing to remember is: never expect perfection! Imperfection and adaptation are features of nature, therefore they will also present in camping.

But don’t view this as something negative, view it as an adventure! Every challenge you face while camping is a lesson to be learned and an opportunity to connect with nature and the ones you love.

With this attitude in mind, you will quickly see that there is no experience like it!

Nature awaits, my friends!

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