How to recover a lost word document in 2022 using Recoverit?

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If you have lost all your work that was not saved in a Microsoft word document, then no need to get worried. Microsoft word is the working since the dark ages of backing up the floppy disks. Nowadays, such methods have been invented to recover unsaved word document in simple and easy manners. There are many methods available that can help in this matter. But here, we are going to discuss the most common methods to recover word documents, tips to avoid the loss of word documents, and how we can recover word documents with Recoverit.

Common ways to recover word document

The following are the most common methods that can help to recover unsaved word documents.

  • Recover unsaved word document from temporary file: For this purpose, open word document and click on the “File Tab.” After that, go through the steps. Click info -> Manager version -> the drop-down list. Click on the “Recover unsaved documents” it will raise windows with while list of unsaved office files. Select your file and click on the open button. This will create your unsaved word document.
  • Search for AutoRecover Files: Users can also search for word backup files to recover unsaved word documents. So, search for auto-recovery files using the following steps. Open the file menu and click on Options. In the left side navigation, click on the Save button. You can change the automatic save frequency to save a recoverable copy of a word document by selecting “Save AutoRecover information every N minute” and clicking on the OK button to recover your unsaved word document.
  • Use document recovery method: Sometimes, the computer can suddenly crash, and your word document is not saved. In this case, re-open the word document, the file will appear on the left side of document recovery. Double click on the file, and you will get back all desired unsaved word documents.
  • Get your lost document in Recycle Bin: Sometimes, you can accidentally delete your word document, so you can go to the Recycle Bin to obtain your word document back.

How to recover a word document with Recoverit?

If you are unable to recover your word document by trying all the above methods, then here is the most powerful option. You can use a data recovery tool. There are many data recovery methods available in the market; the most recommended one is Recoverit Data Recovery. It can easily recover your deleted or lost word document back easily. To recover a word document through Recoverit, just go through the following steps.

Download and install Wondershare Recoverit on your computer. Select the location where your word document was lost and click on the “Start” button to go through the next steps.

 The word document will start scanning the disk to search unsaved and lost word document files.

 After scanning, you can also preview all your recovered word documents, select the desired one and click on the “Recover” button to save that files.

 Recoverit word document recovery tool can easily recover all unsaved and deleted word documents. But users have to save all their recovered files in other locations; if data is lost again, you can recover all unsaved word documents again.


Tips to avoid word document loss

Some most common tips to avoid loss of word are as follows. These tips will help readers to keep saving their word documents all the time.

  • Never save documents on OS drive: Most users save their word documents in the My document folder; this is the worst place to store data. Due to software failure or virus, most computers affect the operating system, and the solution is only to reformat the drive and reinstall the operating system. During such cases, all the drive data will be lost.
  • Backup your files regularly: Storing your files in different locations rather than operating the system is not enough; you have to create regular backups. Always try to adopt more options to backup your data. If the data is important, consider storing it in a fireproof vault.
  • Be aware of email attachments: Email attachments can cause you to lose data. For example, if you receive an email with infected data and you store it in a location where you have stored your other data, then there are some possibilities that it can damage your already stored data. So be aware and scan files before storing them on your system.


There are many methods available to recover all the deleted word documents on the different operating systems. You can understand and analyze the reliability of the recovered files. Despite all these methods mentioned above, Recoverit is a data recovery tool that is perfect for a quality restoration. Professionals prefer these tools when critical situations like the accidental deletion of files or the system crash. So, try this data recovery software to better understand this tool in a detailed manner.

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