How to Recover Quickly From Back Surgery

Doctor during spine operation in operating room

Back surgery is scary, even when it is successful. More than half of all spine operations occur without major complications. But a quick recovery is hard to come by, even with great supervision.

That does not mean you cannot have a smooth recovery. You need to form a plan that will address all of your physical needs after surgery.

What do you need to move and rest properly? What should you eat to help your back recover? How can you manage sustained pain and improve your spine health?

Answer these questions, and you can be good as new after your back surgery. Here is your quick guide.

Buy Some Tools 

You should have a cane or walker. It is very important to get moving again after an initial rest period. Get something that will give you support as you walk around.

Get some sort of grabber device. You don’t want to twist your back to pick up objects.

You will need several good chairs. A recliner that lets you raise your legs will ease tension off of your back.

You should get a shower seat, which will relieve pressure and let you stay in the shower for longer. Hot water can have a restorative effect on your muscles.

If your mattress is too hard, you should get something a little softer. You may also want to acquire a body pillow so you can assume a different sleeping position. For more tips and better understanding on post-surgery recovery, check out Ortho Bracing.

Adopt a Good Diet After Back Surgery

A wellness plan is essential for recovery after surgery. You must drink a lot of water. Water carries nutrients into the muscles and organs, allowing the body to recover faster.

You can drink tea and coffee, but caffeinated drinks can induce dehydration. Drink a glass of water after you have your morning cup.

Focus on high-protein foods, including non-animal ones. Nuts, beans, and whole grains will give your body a range of essential nutrients, including protein.

It is okay to get prepared meals, but try to avoid ordering takeout. Have someone cook chicken soup and salads for you.

Manage Your Chronic Back Pain 

You should be multi-faceted with your pain relief. You can take medications, but be cautious about them. Get nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) instead of opioids.

Run your heat and ice therapy program. Apply a hot pack to your skin for 15 minutes every two or three hours. Alternate with a cold pack.

Talk to a chiropractor about what you can do to improve your spinal health. They may talk about appointments and ask you to schedule now. Go when you feel comfortable and have enough mobility.

What You Should Do After Back Surgery

You are not helpless after back surgery. Buy the tools you need to get moving again.

Get a walker so you can take short walks. Find a recliner that lifts your legs, and purchase a shower seat so warm water can stroke your back.

Hydrate yourself as much as possible. Up your protein intake to support your muscles.

Take pain relief medications and use heat and ice packs. Go to a chiropractor or spinal doctor and ask for suggestions on relieving your pain.

You can be up and running again. Follow our coverage for more wellness guides.

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