How to Reduce Your Business’s IT Costs

How to Reduce Your Business's IT Costs

The pandemic has changed everything about the way we do business. This is one reason why 76% of business owners are planning on making long-term IT changes in 2021.

Of course, anything associated with the term “IT” can get expensive — fast. But even if you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of ways to reduce your IT costs while getting the support you need.

Want to learn more about IT cost-cutting? Keep reading to learn some popular IT cost reduction methods that other companies are using (and you can too).

  1. Switch to the Cloud

Gone are the days when companies needed to reserve valuable space for on-site hardware and storage. Migrating your data to the cloud saves both time and money, especially because it opens you up to remote IT support options (more on that later).

Using the cloud also reduces your technology costs for maintenance, security, and staffing. Just be sure to optimize your cloud spend so you’re only paying for the resources you need.

  1. Save on Hardware

For anything that requires on-site hardware or storage, renting equipment or containers rather than buying it can help you save. You might also try one of the more popular cost reduction methods companies have used in recent years.

Rather than upgrading hardware to the latest (and more expensive) models, you may be able to run most applications on inexpensive devices. Linking several PCs together allows them to perform as well as mid-level servers.

  1. Use Open Source Software

When’s the last time you looked at your software licenses? Costs rise every year, and you may find you’re paying for software you rarely use or don’t actually need. Decommission old software where you can.

For everything else, switch over to open source software, which helps you save on recurring annual fees. Another bonus is you’ll have access to a source code, which allows you to make modifications on your own.

  1. Outsource Your IT Needs

Why pay for a full-time, in-house IT team when you can get the same services remotely (for a fraction of the cost)? A managed service provider like can host, maintain, and manage your infrastructure no matter where you’re physically located.

This also helps you to cut IT costs because you’ll only pay for actual usage and capacity, rather than the ongoing costs of on-site infrastructure.

  1. Hire New College Graduates

Is there a university in your town with a good IT program? Why not partner with the school to start an IT internship program or recruit new graduates?

This is a terrific method if you know you’ll need to hire a certain number of new employees each year. You might also get lucky and find some amazing fresh talent.

Reduce Your IT Costs Today

Although some traditional IT costs continue to rise, there are also cost reduction methods you can try. Bookmark this list and refer back to it as you analyze your technology costs and see where you can make changes.

Now that you know how to cut IT costs, what’s next? Keep browsing our site for more great tips and advice!

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