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How to Refresh Your House Without Breaking the Bank

How to Refresh Your House Without Breaking the Bank

Throughout lockdown, spending so much time within our homes has inspired many of us to carry out some much-needed home improvements and to spruce things up around the house. A recent report revealed that with most of the nation stuck indoors, UK homeowners spent a whopping £55 billion on renovations to create their perfect property.

You might think that redecorating your home is too pricey a project, but we’re here to share some top tips on how to refresh your house without breaking the bank.

Replace Your Front Door

It might sound crazy but when you’ve lived in your home for several years, you’re so used to seeing the same front door every time you leave or enter your house, you stop noticing it altogether. Updating your front door can instantly revive the look and feel of your home from the outside in. Whether you just want to give it a bright and bold colour change or swap out your door completely, there are plenty of options to choose from. By making the changes yourself you’ll save money, making it much cheaper. If you’re changing to a new door, all you need is the correct research on how to do it and the right power tools to get you started.

Add Plants

Did you know that having plants around your home has lots of health benefits? Snake plants, for example, are known to produce higher levels of oxygen than any other plant, meaning they quite literally act as your very own living air purifier! Not only are they great for our health, but plants can help to keep away flies in the summer months, whilst adding refreshing splashes of green colouring sweet almond bush into our homes. They also make great projects for kids, as they can water them and watch them flourish. You could even take photos of your plants each day so that your children can document their transformation over time.


Also known as ‘furniture flipping’, this sustainable pastime has fast become one of the top trends of 2021. The process involves taking pre-owned, vintage, or even damaged furniture and giving it a new lease of life. It could even be a piece of furniture you’ve had sitting in the house for years that’s crying out for a makeover. Repurposing old furniture can come in any shape or form, from repainting a chest of old drawers to using fabric from old curtains to make some new covers for your cushions, the possibilities are endless. Not only is upcycling a fun hobby for all the family, but it’s also environmentally friendly. By repurposing, you are reducing the number of items being sent to landfill, meaning you’re helping the planet along the way!

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